Hunt Royale Best Hunter Tier List 2023 for F2P

Hi guys, I will talk about the Top 5 Hunt Royale Best Best Hunters for F2P in Hunt Royale. You can use  5 Hunter in Coop mode and Hunt Mode to push your trophies in Hunt Royale. there are almost 32 hunters in Hunt Royale and every hunter has a unique ability, and In this post, I will my favourite Top 5 Best Hunter in Hunt Royale.

Hunt Royale Best Hunter Tier List 2023

1.) Elf Archer

Hunt Royale Best Hunter Tier List

Elf Archer is a long-range hunter in hunt royale that attacks Ricochet Arrow, When Elf Archer shoots an attack her arrow bounces from enemy to enemy 3 Times.

Elf Archer has 10 abilities in the game and my favourite is Hp & Damage, When you use her Hp & Damage ability that increases the hunter’s Hp by 30 and Damage by 2

So if you are a f2P or beginner in Hunt Royale. I will recommend you use Elf Archer.

2.) Ninja

Hunt Royale Ninja

We placed Ninja on 2nd no. in this Best Hunter List because Ninja is a Long Range Hunter, his every consecutive attack to the same target increases damage to this target by 25% from base damage.

Ninja works very well against high hitpoint monsters.

3.) Axe Master

Hunt Royale Axe Master Best Hunter

Axe Master is a medium-range hunter, he throws 3 Axes one Front and two on sides, He has 12 Abilities available in the game, His main attack is Triple Axe.

4.) Wizard

Hunt Royale Best Hunter Wizard

At no. 4 we have Wizard hunter, He is a Medium range hunter that attack fireballs and deals 10 damage on enimies at level 1, Wizards Fireball deals area damage, Which means A fireball explodes on the target,dealing area of effect damage.

5.) Dragon Knight:

Hunt Royale Dragon Knight

Dragon knight is a short range hunter and you can unlock dragon knight at 200 trophies in hunt royale. Dragon knight attacks fire slash that deals damage to enimies around.

The Dragon knight has 11 abilities available in the game.

So guys, this is my Top 5 Hunt Royale Best Hunter Tier List and I hope you like it.

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