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Clash Royale Hunter Golem Fisherman Deck 2020 Arena 11+

Hunter Golem Fisherman Deck Arena 11

Hi guys Clash Royale Hunter Golem Fisherman Deck today I will show you cash Royale Hunter Golem Fisherman Deck, this is very good deck for trophies pushing and 2v2 Battles, we have Dark prince and Hunter for Ground Defence and Mega Minion for Air Defence,  It’s also VERY effective and will be the future of the beatdown, Meta. This deck was recently used by some Pro Players to Grand Challenge so come and take a look at this  Hunter Golem Fisherman Deck Arena 11 guide

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Hunter Golem Fisherman Deck Arena 11

Hunter Golem Fisherman Deck Arena 11 Card Role:

1.) Golem: Your tank and win condition. He is excellent also for absorbing damage as the last resort in the last few seconds of the game when the cards in your hand are very bad to counter.

The Golem is the main tank of the deck It has the most health in the game and probably one of the slowest troops in the game.he has the capability of taking the Tower on his own But You have to always support This card With Hunter or Dark Prince

This is a Great tank for Fisherman and Hunter always drop Golem behind your King Tower and make huge push for Skarmy or Goblin Gand be ready With Dark Prince and Snowball

2.) Hunter: Hunter is very good card for Defence It can deal a high amount of damage on defence against a lot of variety of troops Play this Card behind the golem,

This card can survive Fireball and Poison but It dies to Lightning and Rocket for -2 elixir trade, He is your ultimate defense tank killer. He does a decent job against Hog Riders, Giants, and golems and any tank when paired well.

On offense, he takes care of annoying mini tanks like Valkyrie or Knight. One thing to watch out for is his. Many people can take him out with just a Fireball or Rocket. He does have a slow rate of fire, so a dark prince tanking is a great idea

3.) Dark Prince: he is still excellent on both offense and defense. His shield is excellent due to the shield, which protects him and buys you more time.

He is also great for splashing squishy troop. A great pressure card. Just don’t use him at the very beginning of the game.

4.) Mega Minion – Very stable and lovely rare. He survives Fireball. Use him on defense as a tank destroyer but have cards like Hunter to back him up.

He is easy to distract so make sure that you have some other troop protecting it i.e.dark prince. On offense he is great chipping away mini tanks and doesn’t get targeted until the golem explodes(depends on placement on mini tank as well). Get him to higher level if you can for damage

5.) Fisherman:  Fisherman is very powerful card and In this deck, You can use this card to support your Golem and It aslo usefull against tanks

6.) Lightning: This spell is great on offense for supporting your Golem perfect for dealing heavy damage to enemy towers while taking out support troops trying to stop your Golem and Fisherman, such as Ice Wizard.

It will also severely wound Inferno Towers, Bowlers, and Executioners, and also getting the reset on Inferno Tower and Inferno Dragon.

7.) Skeleton: You can use this for Cycle

8.) Snowball: Self Explantory

Hunter Golem Fisherman Deck Gameplan:

If your opponent starts with the Giant, Pekka or Any Other Tank Behind the king tower, I usually put My Golem down to soak damage on same lane Then, use Hunter + Mega Minion to quickly take out the Giant or any other tank. If the Golem is still alive I do counter push With Fisherman and Dark Prince

Since Dark Prince + Mega Minion Or Hunter is excellent at dealing with Giant, Royal Giant, Hog Rider, Sparky…

If your opponent uses Miner for Chip damage you can use Skeletons To deal with Miner

Golem Hunter Deck Arena 9 Best Push: 

  1. Golem+Hunter Or any Other Push ( Simple Push )
  2. Golem+Fisherman+Mega Minion ( if they are not using swarm troop Deck )
  3. Dark Prince + Hunter ( Offensive Push )

Golem Hunter Deck Arena 9 Match Ups:

Hog Rider:  Mega Minion or Hunter to kill the Hog Rider and supporting troops and then go for a counterpush from there with your Golem and Brand new card Fisherman

Any Beatdown: Use Hunter to kill the Giant or Golem then, if you can, counterpush with Golem + Hunter or Dark Prince

Pekka Decks: Use Mega Minion Cart to kill Pekka and Take out supporting troops with snowball Such as  Bats

Graveyard: Easy to Counter you may need to use defensive yor card

So You will Win most of the time with this Golem Hunter Deck Arena 9 because every major push because your Mega minion can kill almost any Mele defensive troop, and your Hunter can kill troops from a distance, as long as your Golem is tanking all the damage.

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So guys this was the Hunter Golem Fisherman Deck guide I hope you liked it and this Hunter Golem Fisherman Deck guide

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