I Am Future Cozy Apocalypse Survival Cooking Recipe Wiki

Stuck and need some I Am Future Cozy Apocalypse Survival Cooking Recipe? Our I Am Future Cozy Apocalypse Survival Cooking Recipe Guide will help you find out All Alchemy Merge Recipes and Combinations.

So come and take a look at this I Am Future Cozy Apocalypse Survival Cooking Recipe Wiki

How to unlock a recipe in I Am Future

Building a campfire, with the blueprint obtained by dismantling the first one near your starting point.

Engaging in Chef mode by clicking on the campfire and accessing the chef tab on the bottom left. Here you can experiment and mix ingredients.

Recipes don’t consume ingredients during experimentation, so mix and match freely.

Upgrade your campfire to cook with more ingredient slots.

Your trusty Fridge holds some secrets. Talk to it and unlock specific recipes.

Always watch the pot.

I Am Future Cozy Apocalypse Survival Cooking Recipe Wiki

Solid food

Blueberry Jam

2x Blueberries

Bright Soup

2x Yellow Flowers

Energy Bar

3x Foliage, 2x Blueberries, 2x Coffee Beans, 2x Almonds

Fish Steak

1x Fish Fillet, 2x Lettice

Baked Mushrooms

3x Purple Mushrooms

Hearty Mushroom Stew

2x Purple Mushrooms, 1x Drinking Water

Nutritious Salad

2x Yellow Flowers, 2x Lettice, 2x Foliage

Seafood Salad

1x Nutritious Salad, 2x Seafood

Seafood Soup

1x Drinking Water, 2x Seafood


4x Foliage, 1x Drinking Water, 1x Fish Oil, 2x Lunar Tubers

Jam Sandwich

1x Bread, 1x Blueberry Jam


1x Fish Filet, 1x Bread, 1x Caviar


2x Fish Filet, 1x Fish Oil

Hot Sauce

3x Chilly Peppers


2x Bread, 1x Patty, 1x Hot Sauce, 1x Lettice

I Am Future Cozy Apocalypse Survival Drinks Recipe

Fresh Water Bottle

1x Salt Water Bottle

Drinking Water Bottle

1x Fresh Water, 1x Coal

Almond Milk

2x Almonds, 1x Drinking Water

Energizing Coffee

2x Coffee Beans, 1x Drinking Water


1x Energizing Coffee, 1x Almond Milk

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