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Welcome to our Idle Survivors Last Stand Guide Wiki, If you have just started playing this game and Looking for an Idle Survivors Last Stand Beginner Guide, then you have reached the right place.

We have collected so many useful tips and tricks shared by players with the game community and created this article to help you you can learn some tips and tricks about Idle Survivors’ Last Stand Guide.

So without wasting any time let’s dive into Idle Survivors Last Stand Guide but before that, we recommend you visit Idle Survivors Imperial Warrior Build Guide and Idle Survivors Reformed Tyrant Build Guide

Idle Survivors Last Stand Guide Wiki for New Players

1. Spending Diamonds Wisely:

Avoid wasting diamonds on recruit*10. Instead, invest in the Daily Shop and Discount Shop for Gene potions, War exp, and cash to quickly power up your team.

2. Expedition Tip:

DO NOT SKIP during Expeditions. Skipping greatly reduces your chance of success, so watch the battles play out to increase your chances of winning.

3. Focus on Hero’s Advancement:

Once you reach 2 stars, concentrate on grinding each hero as they advance. Patience is key in an idle game.

4. Utilize Faction Tickets:

Save ALL Faction Tickets for the specific day you’re grinding your hero. Each day represents a different color in a regular rotating order.

5. Optimal Time to Use Free Capsules:

Save your free capsule use for the end of your gaming time to make idle level grinding easier when you go offline, unless it helps meet mission or upgrade requirements.

6. The Power of Mixed Teams:

Avoid going pure anything except for Blue heroes, which have a dual sustain setup and a high-quality tank. Mixed teams provide a varied “sacrifice” resource pool for star advancement, easing the brutal requirements at higher star levels.

7. Importance of Healers:

Healers are crucial to your team’s success, especially “Field Medic,” who is much stronger than tanks. Ff you want to know more, you can also check the Idle Survivors Healer Build page

8. Tier List and Hero Evaluation:

You can visit our Idle Survivors Last Stand Tier List for an overview of hero strength and capabilities. Keep in mind that lineup build is the key to success.

9. Ascension Requirements:

S Heroes can be ascended up to 9 stars, and hero duplicates are essential for advancement to 6 stars and beyond. A total of 17 duplicates, including the base copy, is required to reach 13 stars.

10. Hero Level Cap and Resonance Center:

Max hero level cap is 240 after ascension. Once you have five heroes at level 240, you unlock the Resonance Center to further level up all heroes simultaneously.

11. Spend Wisely as a Low Spender:

Consider getting the mission event boost perk, which often provides items and boosts, even for low spenders.

12. Careful Watch Skills Selection:

Choose watch skills that suit each hero’s intentions. Consider crit and armor break for assassins and support skills for healers.

13. Whale Definition and Spending:

Whales refer to players who spend significant amounts in the game. The amount considered “a lot” varies based on individual income and financial capability.

14. Utilize Clickable Items on the Map:

Regularly check your map for clickable items that supply chips, engines, and diamonds.

Idle Survivors Last Stand Hero Guide

Ascending your heroes is essential for unlocking their full potential, so let’s dive into the details:

1. S Heroes Ascension:

S Heroes can be ascended up to 9 stars. Keep in mind that these heroes will eventually serve as fodder for your higher ascended heroes, so it’s crucial to maximize their potential first.

2. Hero Duplicates:

For ascension from 6 to 13 stars, hero duplicates play a significant role. Here’s a breakdown of the duplicates needed:

6 Stars: One duplicate hero required.
9 to 13 Stars: Additional duplicates are needed; a total of 17 duplicates is required to reach 13 stars, including the base copy.

3. Factionless Ascension:

Unlike some games, factionless heroes are used to ascend other faction heroes. For example, an Imperial Legion hero may require a factionless 9-star hero for ascension.

4. Hero Level Cap:

Max level cap for ascended heroes is 240. Once you have five heroes at level 240, you’ll unlock the Resonance Center, allowing you to further level up all heroes simultaneously.

5. Rare Faction Heroes:

Heroes from the Awakener/Reconstructor factions have a slightly different ascension process. Further details on this will be provided in a separate image.

That’s it for this Idle Survivors Last Stand Guide Wiki – Hero Guide & Tips for new players. Below you can find more guides related to this game.

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