Idle Survivors Reformed Tyrant Build Guide – Gears & Toy

Welcome to our Idle Survivors Reformed Tyrant Build Guide, In this IIdle Survivors Reformed Tyrant Build Guide, we will tell you about Gears, Watch Skills, Toys, and Additional Skills that may be used in this Idle Survivors Last Stand Reformed Tyrant Build Guide.

So come and take a look at this Idle Survivors Reformed Tyrant Build Guide. You can also visit Idle Survivors Imperial Warrior Build Guide page

Idle Survivors Reformed Tyrant Build Guide – Gears & Toy

The Reformed Tyrant is an awesome hero with a unique role – to eliminate troublesome backline enemies, especially pesky healers, swiftly and efficiently. Tired of struggling against elusive foes at the rear? Fear not, for the Tyrant is here to resolve that issue!


Outfit your Reformed Tyrant with the potent Platinum set – Bombardier’s Power, unlocking incredible abilities:

2-set bonus: Increases skill damage by 10%, ensuring devastating blows upon your foes.
4-set bonus: Grants the power to ignore 20% of enemy DEF, making those heavily armoured enemies easier to vanquish.

Side Note: If Platinum gears are not available, prioritize gears with high HP stats to bolster your hero’s survivability.

Watch Skills:

Ensure your watches are equipped with the following skills before every encounter:

Blessing I, II, III: These skills provide a dynamic DEF boost, scaling with skill level. At max level, enjoy a formidable 100% DEF increase at the beginning of each battle, lasting for 15 seconds.

Morale I, II, III: Max out these skills for an impressive 39% ATK boost at the start of every battle, also lasting for 15 seconds.


Now let’s explore the perfect toy selection to further enhance your Reformed Tyrant’s prowess:

Platinum Toy Hook: An exclusive toy designed specifically for your hero.

Provides a healing received bonus of 4% and a basic shield equivalent to 1% of your hero’s maximum HP.
Increases stun duration by 0.75, ensuring enemies stay incapacitated for longer.

Toy Skill: In starting of the match it grants a shield equal to 8% of the owner’s max HP, lasting 5 seconds. Additionally, randomly stuns one enemy for 0.75 seconds. This skill triggers every 15 seconds, ensuring superior survivability and control.

Red Robot Dog: Equipping this toy unleashes devastating damage on your current target right from the start of the battle, dealing 250% DMG. It also triggers every 15 seconds, turning the tide of battle in your favor.

Golden Block Wall: This mighty toy boasts a shield equivalent to an impressive 160% of the holder’s HP, activating at the beginning of each battle and lasting for 5 seconds. It triggers again after 15 seconds, providing unparalleled protection.

Purple Star Magic Wand: Infuse your attacks with magic by adding 120% DMG to your current target at the start of each battle.

Armed with the powerful combination of gears, watch skills, and toys, your Reformed Tyrant is now an unstoppable backline hunter.

Use your newfound skills to hook elusive enemies to the forefront, where they can meet their doom. Enjoy the satisfaction of swiftly vanquishing pesky healers and other backline foes.

With this simple yet effective guide, your path to victory is clear. Unleash the power of the Reformed Tyrant, and claim your well-deserved triumphs on the battlefield. Happy hunting!

That’s it for this Idle Survivors Reformed Tyrant Build Guide – Gears & Toy. if you loved this build guide you should also read about the Idle Survivors Last Stand Tier List which will help you to understand the rating of each hero and for free rewards, Visit our Idle Survivors Last Stand Codes will help you.

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