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Jailbreak Brulee Values 2023 – Brulee Trading Values List

Hi guys, welcome to our Jailbreak Brulee Values 2023 December – JB Brulee Value List Wiki, In this guide we will show you all the Brulee Values of Jailbreak Vehicles.

The BRULEE value is an important standard in Jailbreak, helping players when figuring out the value of various items. Every vehicle, from the speed of the Torpedo to the improvement of the Classic, has a unique BRULEE value.

But how do these values change? What factors influence them? And, more significantly, how can they be used to calculate trades? So come and take a look at this Jailbreak Brulee Values for Vehicles. If you can read out the complete guide on the Jailbreak Values List Page

Jailbreak Brulee Values 2023 December – Brulee Vehicles Value

  • Torpedo (Vehicle) – Brulee: 5.25
  • Beam (Vehicle) – Brulee: 5
  • Icebreaker (Vehicle) – Brulee: 4
  • Arachnid (Vehicle) – Brulee: 4
  • Beignet (Vehicle) – Brulee: 2.5
  • Celsior (Vehicle) – Brulee: 2.25
  • Banana (Vehicle) – Brulee: 1.6
  • Raptor (Vehicle) – Brulee: 1.5
  • Crew Capsule (Vehicle) – Brulee: 1.4
  • Javelin (Vehicle) – Brulee: 1.25
  • Proto 08 (Vehicle) – Brulee: 1.25
  • Brulee (Vehicle) – Brulee: 1
  • JB8 (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.75
  • Molten (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.563
  • Volt4x4 (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.4
  • Macaron (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.39
  • Parisian (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.3
  • Shogun (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.28
  • Goliath (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.263
  • Torero (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.263
  • Rattler (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.25
  • Agent (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.25
  • Bandit (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.25
  • Snake (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.15
  • Airtail (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.15
  • Tiny Toy (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.125
  • Bloxy (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.125
  • Megalodon (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.09
  • Volt (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.085
  • JackRabbit (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.085
  • Shell Classic (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.085
  • Posh (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.038
  • SUV (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.034
  • Steed (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.025
  • Mighty (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.021
  • Classic (Vehicle) – Brulee: 0.021
  • Escape Bot (Vehicle)

How to get Brulee in Jailbreak

Understand the Value:

The BRULEE is a benchmark in Roblox’s Jailbreak, serving as a basis for determining the value of many items.

For context: A Torpedo is valued at 6.5 BRULEEs, an Arachnid at 4.5 BRULEEs, and an M12 at 0.5 of a BRULEE.

Trading Strategy:

Start with a 1 million car. Trade this for a Roadster.

Trade the Roadster with a player. Once done, trade back for a 1 million car, adding some additional items (ads) to the deal.

Repeat the process. As you accumulate items, your goal is to have enough assets to barter for the Airtel, agent, or even the Torero.

Once you have these high-value items, you can downgrade them while ensuring you make a profit from each trade.

If executed correctly, this process will eventually net you 4-5 Golds in value, enough to get the BRULEE.

Grind & Trade:

Another method involves grinding in the game to obtain the ‘concept’ item.

Once you have the concept, trade it for gold.

Grind back to the ‘concept’ and trade again for gold.

Keep repeating this grind-trade process until you amass 4-5 Golds, which can then be traded for the BRULEE.

Join a Giveaway:

Another alternative is to participate in BRULEE giveaways. For instance, there’s a giveaway at 5,000 subscribers on the provided YouTube channel. So, subscribing might give you a chance to win a BRULEE.

That’s it for this Jailbreak Brulee Values

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