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Welcome to our Kemono Friends Kingdom Guide Wiki, In this Kemono Friends Kingdom Guides Wiki, we will tell you about Radiances and Friend Positions in Kemono Friends Kingdom.

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Kemono Friends Kingdom Guides – Radiances

In the game Kingdom, Friends possess different Natures, which contribute to their abilities and roles in battles. Here’s a breakdown of the Natures:

🟠 Brilliance: This Nature restrains 🟢 Splendor. Friends with Brilliance Nature are effective against Ceruleans with Splendor Nature. When facing a Splendor Cerulean, consider using Friends with Brilliance Nature to maximize your chances of success.

🔵 Wonder: This Nature restrains 🟠 Brilliance. Friends with Wonder Nature have an advantage against Ceruleans with Brilliance Nature. If you encounter a Brilliance Cerulean, consider utilizing Friends with Wonder Nature to gain an upper hand.

🟢 Splendor: This Nature restrains 🔵 Wonder. Friends with Splendor Nature are effective against Ceruleans with Wonder Nature. When facing a Wonder Cerulean, consider employing Friends with Splendor Nature to increase your chances of victory.

Understanding the relationships between these Natures can help you strategize and choose the right Friends for each battle.

Friend Positions in Kemono Friends Kingdom

To tackle the Cerulean Boss effectively, it’s important to form a well-balanced team. Friends in Kingdom have specific positions, each with unique roles and abilities.

Let’s explore the different positions:

Friend Positions are like roles in your team. There are five positions: Guard, Assault, Support, Control, and Healer. Each position has a specific job and brings something different to the battle. Guards are good at defending and protecting the team. Assault Friends are the ones who deal the most damage. Support Friends have abilities that can change the battle in your favour. Control Friends help to reduce the enemy’s attacks. Healers focus on restoring health and keeping your team strong.

Guard: Friends in the Guard position strengthen the team’s defense and generate shields to resist damage from the Cerulean Boss. Use Guard Friends strategically to withstand the Boss’s rage. Some early game Guard Friends include Hippopotamus, Aurochs, and Black Rhinoceros.

Assault: Assault Friends are the main damage dealers in your team. They unleash powerful Miracles to deal high damage to the Cerulean. Coordinate your Assault Friends to attack after Support Friends to maximize damage output.

Weasel is an example of an Assault Friend, and early game 6-star Friends like Serval and White Rhinoceros from the beginner pool are also great Assaulters.

Support: Support Friends may not have high damage output, but they possess abilities that can change the course of battle.

Support Friends enhance the output ability of other Friends by providing various Miracle effects based on their Natures. Utilize multiple Support miracles in one round to boost your team’s performance. Common Dolphin and Plains Zebra are examples of Support Friends.

Control: Control Friends play a crucial role in battles by reducing the Cerulean’s attacks and minimizing damage received by subsequent Friends.

They are essential for protecting your team, especially against strong Cerulean Bosses. American Beaver and Jaguar are examples of Control Friends. Control Friends usually take action first in most situations.

Healer: Heal Friends may not directly attack Ceruleans, but they play a vital role as backup for your team. Heal Friends restore the health of other Friends and have unique abilities waiting to be discovered.

Deploy Heal Friends strategically and save their miracles for situations when your team’s health is low. Chevrotain and Mouflon are early game Support Friends with healing abilities.

Remember to consider the Natures and positions of Friends when forming your team to ensure a balanced and effective strategy.

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