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King Of Sea Fruit Tier List 2023 – Best Fruit Guide

Welcome to the King of Sea Fruit Tier List Guide, Like other One Piece Games, Roblox King Of Sea has so many fruits that you can collect in the game. Each King Of Sea fruit has unique skills or abilities.

In this article, we will show you the complete King Of Sea Tier List for the best fruits, So come and take a look at this guide

King Of Sea Fruit Tier List Wiki

S Tier:

  • Dark Fruit (Recommended for beginners or those in H Advanced Island)
  • JFF
  • Rumble (Best starter fruit)
  • Tri Fruit
  • Venom Fruit (Balanced)
  • Wolf Fruit

A+ Tier:

  • D Fruit (Great for movement, especially if used with a sword)
  • Sink Fruit

A Tier:

  • Dragon (Lost its flying capability)
  • NAA
  • Tremor (TR)

B Tier:

  • Dope

C Tier:

  • Gas Fruit
  • Gravity
  • Magma

D Tier:

  • Buddha
  • Counter Fruit
  • Flame Fruit
  • Light Fruit
  • Shadow

F Tier:

  • P Fruit
  • Phix

King Of Sea Swords Tier List

Pipe – A tier (Strongly recommended until you get a better sword or fruit): you can buy Pipe for 25K beli and level 90 in Ice Island with Pipe Specialist.

Saber – A tier (Dropped from chains, better than Eternal Blade V2)

Jointly Rightly – D tier (The attacks do low damage)

Trident – C tier (Similar to a presenter but with more damage)

Oni – F tier (Not worth acquiring)

Eternal Blade V2 – C tier (Its attacks don’t make much sense. For instance, the 1000 slash hits only one time)

Sharp Blade – F tier (Dropped from Airline, not recommended for use)

Corset Dual Container – B tier (Recommended, but there are better choices)

Eternal Blade – C tier (Mainly for beginners, not recommended for advanced gameplay)

Rap Spear – C tier (Similar to Trident in terms of damage)

Triple Katana – D tier (Good, but there are better options)

Eternal Dagger – C tier (Better than some, but still not top-tier)

Dual Katana – D tier (Pipe is a better alternative)

That’s it for this King Of Sea Fruit Tier List – Best Fruit Guide and King Of Sea Swords Tier List

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