Landfall Archives Guide Wiki – Weapon Location & Walkthrough

Welcome to Landfall Archives Guide Wiki, In this Landfall Archives Guide Wiki, we will tell you about Weapon locations in Creepy Robots.

Landfall Archives is a Simulation game published by Landfall. So come and take a look at this Landfall Archives Guide Wiki – Weapon Location & Walkthrough

Landfall Archives Guide Wiki – Weapon Location

If you want To survive the longest in Landfall Archives Creepy Robots then you need better weapons. This Landfall Archives guide wiki, we will tell you about 3 weapons that will help you survive longer in the game

You can find below a list of weapons


First up is the AK-47. You can find it on a rooftop on the map by a destroyed concrete tunnel. Look for it floating under a small overhang.

This AK-47 is very powerful and reliable, You can kill enemies from high range and it is a great choice for beginners. AK-47 has High recoil


The second Weapon is Mini-Uzi. To find Mini Uzi You can visit a dumpster at the opposite end of the map from where you spawn. It should be floating in the dumpster.

The Mini-Uzi is great for close range and Ak 47 is good for high range. Since Mini-Uzi is good for close range it has low recoil and a high fire rate


Last weapon that will help you to survive is Creepy Robots in Revolver. To find it, you can visit the same place where the Uzi is located.

There will be a section with a big pole and a small wall, and the revolver will be floating in that area.

The revolver is a solid choice for medium-range combat, and its high damage output can take down enemies quickly.

That’s it for this Landfall Archives Guide Wiki

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