Clash Royale Lava Hound Goblin Cage Deck Arena 11+

Hi guys I will show you Lava Hound Goblin Cage Deck and You can use this Inferno Dragon Lava Hound Goblin Cage Deck in Grand Challenges and this Lava Hound Goblin Cage Deck has a 61.4% win rate in Grand Challenges and So many pro players are using this deck.

This deck gives you the flexibility of being able to defend, control and quickly dominate and destroy towers so come and take a look at this guide

Lava Hound Goblin Cage Deck  Card Roles:

Lava Hound: Primary Tank that will lead your push. Plays very similar to a golem, Protect the lava hound with the baby dragon and Inferno Dragon and when all your units cross the bridge and have remained with decent HP, drop the Miner and enjoy the massive damage output. this card synergies well with almost every other card in this Lava Hound Goblin Cage Deck.

Miner: Miner is a win condition simply because of the chip damage he can get off. Miner will also double as a distraction to soak up damage from the enemy tower when your Lava Hound dies, AND allows for the pups to do massive damage to the tower. 

Inferno Dragon: Inferno Dragon is a great card here because it melts all the bully cards down with ease. Inferno Dragon (at tournament standard) can survive a Lightning spell (at tournament standard) meaning that there really isn’t an easy and efficient way to stop this guy. And, by the time this guy has melted their push, you have enough elixir for a counter push. Thus, these guys double as a great counter pusher. Miner also will take blows (if placed correctly) meaning that this guy can melt the tower in a matter of seconds.

Goblin Cage: When using this card defensively you can place it directly in front of your towers, this means your Goblin will spawn directly on top of their units. Only do this against hog rider, ram rider or battle ram. You can counter push with the Miner to or even apply opposite lane pressure because sometimes the opponent won’t respond to this unit because they’ll underestimate him.

Baby Dragon: I’ve loved the Baby Dragon since I began playing at global launch, In this Deck, the Baby Dragon often gets behind the Lava Hound to take care of Minions and does general chip damage. Even if it is not very expendable, four Elixir is a small investment to be a quick tank in many defensive situations.

Lava Hound Goblin Cage Deck Tips:

This deck allows you to play your lava hound immediately if you have at least a baby dragon orFireball to support against minion hordes etc. Best tip is to drop the lava hound at the back of the king tower and let the lava hound slowly walk to the bridge. This allows you to build up 6-7 elixir which will allow you to either defend an opposite lane opponent push or you can further support your lava hound and break thru the opponent counter push.

Barbarian is there in case your opponent attempts to punish you. This trick also works for Hound and Baby Dragon. Don’t Elixir leak with this deck as there is little defense. Try to do a Lava Houng+Dragon Push while keeping Fireball ready.

In Double Elixir time, same rules apply but you can be even more aggressive with the lava hound and you can consistently support the push with low-cost cards that can cycle. The Baby Dragon and Miner are golden in 2x time

Thanks For Reading, Have Fun