NEW Legend of Slime Tier List 2024 – Relic, Skills, Treasures

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Hi guys, Welcome to our Legend of Slime Tier List 2024, In this article, we will show you the Latest and updated Legend of Slime Tier List for Relic, Skills and Treasures. There are so many Skills and relics in-game and It makes it difficult for players to choose the best one

That’s why we have created this article where you will best Relic, Skills and Treasures in Legend of Slime. Apart from this tier list, we have a very good article about the best slimes in-game which can be found on the Legend of Slime best slime page.

So let’s Take a look at this Legend of Slime Tier List 2024 – Relic & Skills Tier List

Legend of Slime Tier List 2024 – Best Relic Guide

Legend of Slime Tier List 2023

SS: This tier contains relics that, if you have, you would want to use no matter your build.

S: The relics here are as useful as the ones in the tier above, but there might be a different option depending on the build. For example, the first 5 relics are a must to use in general but in certain builds, there are better options. The last 2 follow the same reasoning but in this case, you will either pick BirdyMask or KitsuneMask, again, depending on your build.

A: Opal is very useful when a SlimyPress build is the best option for you. If not, Ruby is the way to go.

B: This relic usually doesn’t help much but there have been occasions of it being useful in a certain build, that targets skill usage.

C: Same as B applies here but in this case the build that uses Pottery is not a very strong one, making it useful on very specific occasions when other relics are not available. SlimeMucin and SacredNecklace are somewhat useful in Slime Legions but in general, there are better options than those.

D: Sure, you can sometimes use these relics, along with their respective skills, but there are better options.

E: These would only be used in the early games, when other options aren’t available or, for the first 2, when HP is an issue.

Legend of Slime Best Relic Guide 2024

Tome Of Disorder – SS Tier Relic

  • Increase slime ATK by X%

Slime Figurine – SS Tier Relic

  • Increase Companion ATK by X%

Ancient Coins – S Tier Relic

  • Use Magic Coin every 3 seconds

Pile of Coins – S Tier Relic

  • Increase damage of Magic Coin by X% and fire X additional coins
  • At max level, it Increases the damage of Magic Coin by 1695%.

Friendship Necklace – S Tier Relic

  • Once every battle, summon Goblin Troops

Ruby – S Tier Relic

  • Using Rage also increases companion ASPD by X% and At max level, Ruby does 1040%.

Birdy Mask – S Tier Relic

  • If you put in at least 4 bird companions in the team, increase slime ATK by X%

Kitsune Mask – S Tier Relic

  • Increase slime ATK by X%

Opal – A Tier Relic

  • Slimy Press falls X times more

Regal Pillow – B Tier Relic

  • Skill cooldown X seconds for every hit companions land

Pottery – C Tier Relic

  • When equipped with a chicken companion, use Egg throw every X seconds

Slime Mucin – C Tier Relic

  • With a snail companion in the team, enemy movement speed -X%

Sacred Necklace – C Tier Relic

  • Enlarge slime and increase HP by X%

Pearl Necklace – D Tier Relic

  • Increase Evil Spirit’s duration by X seconds, increase damage by X%

Message in a Bottle – D Tier Relic

  • Summon 1 more Battlesphere, increase the duration by X seconds

Slime Mask – E Tier Relic

  • Increase slime HP by X%

Legend of Slime Skill Tier List 2024

Grade SS

  • Rage: Paired with the Ruby relic, this skill is the skill everyone should use, regardless of build.

Grade S:

  • Reaper: This skill with the AncientBonsai treasure is extremely powerful and works well in all builds. Not GradeSS due to the need for :AncientBonsai: to be useful.

Grade A:

Magic Coin: Paired with the Ancient Coins and Pile Of Coins relics, this skill is useful for early-game players but falls off in Hell III.


Irradiating Comet: This is not a terrible skill as it deals immense damage and also heavily reduces skill cooldown for one skill.

Grade C:

  • All other skills are not listed.
  • All other skills depend on the player’s levels. Cooldown can also affect a build so it’s best to experiment with different skill sets.


Meteor Swarm: Even with the Ruby Necklace relic, this skill is trash as it can miss most targets. There is no AoE either so this skill is balls.

Legend of Slime Treasures Tier List 2024

This Treasure Tier List is based on multiple factors, such as versatility, usage, performance, and the current meta.


  • Chick Doll
  • Suncrown
  • Frog Vase
  • Ancient Bonsai
  • Gold Bread
  • Dwarf Armor

These treasures are top tier because they give extra ATK/skill DMG. Bread is the only one that does not add extra damage but adds extra time to boss battles.


  • Plush Lycan
  • Sap Dish
  • Gold Spoon
  • Flexible Bamboo
  • Undead King Armor:

These treasures are not the best in their respective categories but are still useful.


  • Slime Doll
  • Giant Aloe
  • Lotus Macaroon

These treasures are useful in very specific circumstances but can easily be replaced by something better.

Grade F:

  • Sun Doll
  • Thorn Crown
  • Diadem
  • Laurel Wreath
  • Goblin Pot
  • Explosive Taco
  • Crepe
  • Clove
  • Human Armor
  • Lycan King Armor

These treasures are the worst due to their inability to be used in builds, the builds involving them are not worth using, or they do minimal damage when used.

That’s it for this Legend of Slime Tier List 2024 – Relic, Skills, Treasures Tier List

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