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Legends of Slime, at first glance, can feel very difficult and tough to survive, especially if you’re new to adventure games. In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the best tips and tricks that will help you understand the basic information about how to spend gems in-game, how to Level up slime and much more

In our Legends of Slime Guide Wiki, you will learn about How to Back Up and Recover Your Saved Game Data in Legend of Slime, In-game Packages And How To Value Them, What lineup should I use in slime legion? So come and take a look at this Legend of Slime Idle RPG Guide & How To Level Up Slime in Legend of Slime Idle RPG

Legends of Slime Guide 2024 Wiki


A great rule of thumb is to spend gems equally on summoning gear, skills and companions, as well as spending gems on the Angry Giant Newbie Event. You should never spend gems to complete research faster and be careful with miss-clicks when using the ad skip option.

You should equally summon all three (gear, skills, companions) until they all are on level 8. After that, you should focus on summoning companions in hopes of getting the Elder.

Level Up Your Slimes

Once you unlock the mine, dig down to a depth of at least 250m to reveal a new mineable resource:

XP Shard

  • Each time this is mined you will get 1 Shard.
  • Go to the Slime tab and tap ‘Change Character’. Here, you can spend your Shards to level up slimes.

Levelling up slimes unlocks their Unique Skill, as well as a number of passive bonuses that apply to every slime no matter which one is equipped.

Each time a slime gains a level, you will earn a Mastery Point. Spend these in the Common Mastery tab for permanent game bonuses. Note that you must complete a node entirely to move on to the next nodes linked to it further up the Mastery tree.

NOTE: Using “Reset” for 10 Gems is useful during this process. Early on, you can Reset to spend Mastery points on XP Increase nodes before spending your Shards. This will allow you to use fewer Shards to increase slime levels. Then, Reset again and move your Mastery points to nodes that provide damage. Since 10 Gems is very cheap, this can be repeated as needed.

Promote Your Slimes

Tear of Slime

These can be earned through Daily Quests, and from various Event rewards.

At level 100, slimes can be Promoted using Tear of Slime. This will unlock a new passive boost, as well as allow you to level a slime 20 more times using Shards to gain Promotion Points. These are spent on the Promotion Mastery tab in the same manner as Common Mastery points.

Every 20 levels above level 100 will unlock another potential Promotion, requiring increasing amounts of Tear of Slime. Through Promotions, each slime can achieve a maximum level of 200.

Slime Promotion

Upon reaching level 100 on a slime, you’ll get the option to promote it using in-game coins and tears of slimes, which allows it to be levelled up more. Each promotion will allow you to add 20 levels on the slime, 5 times, for a new maximum of 200 levels.

What is the best way of promoting my slimes?

It has been calculated that the most optimal way of promoting your slimes is:

SS120 > S120 > A120 > SS140 > S140 > A140 > SS160 > S160 > A160 > A180 > SS180 > S180 > SS200 > S200 > A200

This means that all SS slimes must be at level 120, before you start upgrading all S slimes to 120 and so on.

Note: If you have any questions or find this explanation confusing, you are more than welcome to ask for help in #questions-answers.


Information about the mine

Zip your way down – The deeper you go the better the rewards!

250m – Unlocks XP Shards
650m – Unlocks The Miners Chests
Slime Research Center

Prioritising Research Order:

  • 1. Pickaxe Charge Speed
  • 2. Ore Obtain Amount
  • 3. ATK
  • 4. Research Speed
  • 5. HP
  • 6. Pickaxe Limit

Legends of Slime Max Level Guide

When a gear, skill or companion hits max level from this point you can fuse them into the next item in the line.

How Fusing Works

When the item is at max level you can still earn this item from gameplay, summons etc, the item still stacks up in your inventory, but only stacks to 5. Upon reaching 5/5 you fuse the item into the next item afterwards, creating 1 of the next item.


  • Detonative Slime = Level 100 (3/5 shards)
  • Pyrokinesis  = Level 99 (12/15 shards)

In this situation, you do a skill summon and receive 6 Detonative Slime shards. When you click enhance, you will get a bonus screen showing you what you fused.

Detonative Slime = Level 100 (4/5 shards) (as it went past 5/5 you earn 1 Pyrokinesis

Pyrokinesis = Level 99 (13/15 shards) (+1 added from the fusing of Detonative Slime

This process continues forever, constantly moving on the next object so in short:

Rage (5/5) -> +1 Egg Throw, if Egg Throw was (4/5) -> +1 Lightning Strikes…. and so, on

This will go all the way to the final exotic in the end.

Game Caps


  • Weapons – Level 100
  • Armor – Level 100
  • Skills – Level 100
  • Companions – Level 100
  • Relics – Level 100
  • Rings – ? (264 Maybe)

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  • Boss Rush – 100
  • Gold Rush – 100
  • Village Raid – 70
  • Dwarven King – ?
  • Slime Legion – 264?

Treasure & Loot

  • Looting Level – Level 100
  • Village Buildings – Level 100
  • Treasure – Level 100


  • Slime – Level 200 (Each) (100 Normal Levels + :SlimeTear: 100 Promotion Levels)
  • Mastery Tree – 1400 Points (All Available Slimes Included)
  • Collection Book – Level 2600 (Total)
  • Summons – Level 10
  • Blessings – Level 30 (Each)
  • VIP – Level 10

Legends of Slime Tips & tricks

How to Back Up and Recover Your Saved Game Data in Legend of Slime

It is important that you back up your save in case you lose your device or you have to re-install Legend of Slime.

Go to the :Parts: Settings menu and tap Account. Here you can connect your save to your Apple and/or Google account. Make sure this is done and the button says “Connected”! It doesn’t hurt to log in both types of accounts on your device (even if your device only uses one or the other) and make two copies of the connected save.

When you re-install Legend of Slime, first make sure the connected account is logged in on the device you are using. Then go back to the same Connect Account setting and restore your backed-up save. You will get the option to use your old save on the right and the new save on the left. MAKE SURE YOU TAP THE CORRECT SAVE. You can overwrite your old save with the new save at this point by selecting the wrong option.

NOTE: Occasionally, we have someone talking about how they lost their saved game and they can’t recover it, despite being sure they Connected their save with an account. An emergency backup can be made by simply installing Legend of Slime on more than one device and syncing your save to both devices. You can do this on a PC using BlueStacks or another mobile device emulator of your choice.

General game advice

For almost every aspect of the game, you can level things at equal cost.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with everything, who knows if you will find something new and game-changing.

For Legend of slime traits Focus on ATK traits like Skill Atk, Companion Atk and Atk. Crit chance and crit dmg are pretty useless. Gold, Multishot and ASPD are a big NOPE. YOu can also read our Legend of slime best traits guide

Try to get a few B-grade traits or better early on. After that, you could try to hoard some points to mass roll for the next one. Don’t lock unnecessarily traits less than S rank.

In the very beginning try to get the best things in all slots equipped.

As for summoning in general check that it is on equal lvl, if you want to focus go for Skills> Companion>Gear.
Use all of your gems to summon new stuff whenever you reach 1.5K

Compare your lower companions with higher ones, just because they are a higher tier doesn’t mean they do more damage.

Resetting the mastery tree always will cost 10 Gems

Best slimes for now as a F2P Astrie as a P2W Melissa if you die, Crobi if you time out

Offline rewards are based on max lvl ever achieved.

Legends of Slime Packages And How To Value Them


  • Remove Ads – Removes all ads in-game


  • Premium Pass – Gems + 30 tiers of rewards and more.
  • Loot Storage Package – Gems, loot storage 12hours, loot gained x1.5
  • Slime Promotion Package – Gems, x900 XP Shards, x150 Tears


  • Advanced Storage Package – Gems, loot storage 24hours, loot gained x2
  • 3 Mythic Package – Gems, x100 each of 3 Mythic Items
  • Slime Package – Gems, XP Shards, Crobi


  • Slime Membership – x5,000 daily gems, 30 daily pickaxes, dungeon sweeping, slime legion dungeon bonus (+3 ring lvl, +1 refresh)
  • Magic Package – Gems, x300 Blizzard Skill
  • Limited Slime Package – Gems, XP Shards, Old Event Slime


  • Limited Gem Package – 100k Gems
  • 3 Legendary Package – Gems, x100 each of 3 Legendary Items
  • Mysterious Package – Gems, Powder + Legion Keys


  • Skill Package – Gems, x300 Summon Evil Spirit skill
  • Ornate Package – Gems, Powder, Legion Keys


  • Adventure Package – Gems, 12h Coins
  • Auto Blessing Package – Gems, Blessing always active

Legends of Slime Dungeon Info

What happens to my keys after resetting? Do they stack?

The keys you haven’t used before the daily reset are not lost, but the free ones given at the reset will not stack with the keys you already have, the same with the ads for bonus entries.

Is village raid level 70 the maximum?


Does the Dwarven king ever drop legendary items?

As far as we know, no.

Is it worth trying to tank the Dwarven king?

No, the only viable way to tank the Dwarven King is with EVA. But as mentioned in the build info section, EVA is capped at 85% so you can still get one shot.

What lineup should I use in slime legion?

For free-to-play players the only thing you can really do is place Serpine first, everything else doesn’t really matter.
For paying users, Serpine is still a great frontline, the other options are Deva and Mecha. You can then place Osteon last, Penguin second to last, and all your other slimes in between.

How do I change my first slime for slime legion?

You have to change it on the page where all slimes are showing.

What stats should I go for on my ring?

Always prioritize the yellow options as they grant permanent effects on the ring you are currently crafting. Grade increase is always a good option to take, a higher grade ring will grant you significantly more ATK% and HP%. In early game, up until ring level 35-40, taking pure ATK% options is good, but after that you want to prioritize companion ATK% and skill ATK%.

Ranking of ring effects:

Grade increase > Companion ATK% > Skill ATK% > Critical damage% > Boss damage% > ATK% > everything else is very bad.

That’s it for this Legends of Slime Guide 2023 – Traits & How To Level Up Slime

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