Legends of Slime Guide 2023 – Traits & How To Level Up Slime

Welcome to our Legends of Slime Guide 2023, In this Legends of Slime Guide Wiki, You will learn about How To Level Up Slime in Legends of Slime. You can also find Best Relic by visiting our Legend of Slime Tier List 2023 – Best Relic Guide and Legend of Slime Working Codes

So come and take a look at this Legend of Slime Idle RPG Guide Wiki – Traits & How To Level Up Slime in Legend of Slime Idle RPG

Legends of Slime Guide Wiki

Legends of Slime Traits Guide Wiki

Very Bad/Useless Traits:

– Additional Gold is very overrated. A 50% gold increase (SS) leads to a MAXIMUM of strictly less than (1 + 82 / ATK LVL)^2 * 1.014 – 1 DMG INCREASE!! This evaluates to at most a 7.0% dmg increase at 3k ATK LVL, 4.8% at 5k LVL and 3.1% at 10k LVL. See the end for more info.

– crit. chance (maxed by gold)

– Fiend (crit. chance) synergy

– Increase crit. dmg (it’s addictive, totally useless)

– ASPD (terrible, bad values)

Fall off at some point (speculation, but first thoughts strongly suggest so):

– Multishot (also bad values)

– ASPD (bad regardless)

– Slime synergy (increase damage of Basic Attack)

likely not very good but maybe useable:

– Increase Max HP (bad values)

– Increase companion ATK, probably bad, also no idea late game.

EXPShard: Thus, the by far best traits seem to be

– Increase ATK

– Increase Skill ATK
(Both are superior to the degree that the optimal trait combination is probably 3-4x ATK and 2-1x Skill ATK (if they act additively on each other) or 5x ATK if they act independently)

Explanation of the worthlessness of Additional Gold:

The numbers are an upper bound on the maximum dmg increase you could get even if you were to play infinitely long. Upper bound meaning that they favour Additional Gold.

While it might be unintuitive that the potential dmg increase of Additional Gold is not infinite, it is perfectly reasonable due to the exponential growth of the costs. The cost increase rate of ATK and crit. dmg is 0.5%.

Thus, if you get 82 > log_1.005 (1.5) = 81.26… LVLs of each, their prices will permanently be 50% increased.

In other words, the effect of 50% more gold is less than 82 lvls which together have an effect of less than (1 + 82 / ATK LVL)^2 – 100%. Similar calculations for triple/double Shots lead to a maximum of an additional 1.4% dmg.

How To Level Up Slime in Legend of Slime Idle RPG

Requirements: my Level 250m +

SlimeAku: Once you unlock the mine, dig down 250m to reveal a new mineable resource :

EXPShard: XP Shard – Once mined will give 1 Shard.
Go to the Slime tab and click ‘Change Character’. Here you can spend your :EXPShard: to level slimes up.

[You can also increase the amount of XP you gain from 1 Shard by upgrades]

Each time a Slime gains a level you will earn a Mastery Point. Spend these in the mastery tab for permanent game bonuses.

You have to complete a full mastery to unlock the next mastery tile.

Legend of Slime Idle RPG Tips & Tricks 2023

The Mine Guide

Zip your way down – The deeper you go the better the rewards!

250m – Unlocks XP Shards
650m – Unlocks The Miners Chest

My Attacks From Companions, Relics & Skills Seems Lower Than They Say They Should Be

Many players use the blessings boosts, boosting their current stats which increases the :MaxAttack: Current Max Attack Stats.

Your Companions, Skills and Relics etc do not use this figure. Any % based atk boost is based on the ATK shown on the main Slime upgrade tab. For eg.

  • MaxAttack: 40.2G
  • Slime Upgrade ATK: 5.58F
  • Hydra Stats : 3 bullets, 3 times @ 1370% ATK
  • This ATk Deals 7.91F Per Bullet
  • Giving an overall damage AoE: 71.19F

Struggling To Push A Few Stages For A Daily Quest?

Blessings: Allow All Blessings To Run Out And Leave Them Deactivated
ChickenCompanion: Remove Your Companions
BattlesphereSkill: Remove Your Skills
BSoSRelic: Switch Out Relics To Deal Less Damage & Have Less Health For Example :

  • Bottle: Slime Muchin
  • Gem: Onyx
  • Figurine: Cat Figurine
  • Cushion: Regal Pillow
  • Necklace: Ruby Necklace
  • Mask: Birdy Mask
  • Book: [BSoS] Basic Senses of Scripture

If still not dying you can also reset your mastery.

Doing this will allow your slime to die continuously times dropping down many stages, once you have reached the required stages (-6 stages should be enough)

Reactivate/Equip your best setup and battle the current boss. This will still give you the quest completed for [Clear Stage X Amount]

General game advice

For almost every aspect of the game, you can lvl things at equal cost.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with everything, who knows if you will find something new and game-changing.

For traits Focus on ATK traits like Skill Atk, Companion Atk and Atk. Crit chance, and crit dmg is pretty useless. Gold, Multishot and ASPD are a big NOPE

Try to get a few B-grade traits or better early on. After that, you could try to hoard some points to mass roll for the next one. Don’t lock unnecessarily traits less than S rank.

In the very beginning try to get the best things in all slots equipped.

As for summoning in general check that it is on an equal lvl if you want to focus go for Skills> Companion>Gear.
Use all of your gems to summon new stuff whenever you reach 1.5K

You can hold down the buttons to do some mass buying. Even several buttons at the same time are possible.

Compare your lower companions with higher ones, just because they are a higher tier doesn’t mean they do more damage.

Resetting the mastery tree always will cost 10 Gems

Best slimes for now as a F2P Astrie as a P2W Melissa if you die, Crobi if you time out

Offline rewards are based on max lvl ever achieved.

How fusing works, on maxed items it always goes to the next in the list if it is maxed or not.

Rough example.

You have epic1 epic2 and legendary both epics are maxed.

5 epic1 fuse to 1 epic2

Then 5 epic2 fuse to 1 legendary And so on…

So you would need 25 from epic1 to get 1 legendary.

Legend of Slime Idle RPG Best slimes 2023

P2W (Pay to win)

Melissa: if you die
Crobi: if you time out

F2P (Free to play)

Astrie: if you time out
Ornis: if you die

Note: Slime levels have no effect, the only thing that matters is the unique skill unlocked at level 35.
This can change with new slimes.

That’s it for this Legends of Slime Guide 2023 – Traits & How To Level Up Slime

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