Life Makeover Vvanna Challenge – Palette and Tag Guide

Welcome to Life Makeover Vvanna Challenge – Palette and Tag Guide, Today we’ll provide you with the recommended dyes and tags for each stage of the Vvanna challenge. This guide is created by tiff#9678. If there’s any mistakes please let him know on Discord: tiff#9678

So come and take a look at this Life Makeover Vvanna Challenge – Palette and Tag Guide on what tags and colors to use for VVanna challenges. Also, See – Life Makeover Vvanna Quiz Answer Guide

Life Makeover Vvanna Challenge – Palette and Tag Guide

Chapter 1


Gain Perfect with 3 Girl Group pieces: Girl Group tag


An outfit that reflects the comfort at home: Homey tag

Reflect the color theme of “Blue Harbor”: Palette 5 or 12

Lie Makeover palette Chapter 1
Credit: tiff#9678

Chapter 2


Gain Perfect with 3 Fairytale pieces: Fairytale tag


Gain Perfect with 3 Ladylike pieces: Ladylike tag


Make a set of “punk”-style clothes: Street Punk tag
Dark night tones accentuate the theme: Palette 2 or 16

Lie Makeover palette Chapter 2
Credit: tiff#9678

Chapter 3


Gain Perfect with 3 Pastoral pieces: Pastoral tag


Make a set of Hip Hop hot clothes: Hot Girl tag
Hot colors are more suitable: Palette 1, 8, or 14


Gain Perfect with 3 Preppy pieces: Preppy tag

Lie Makeover palette Chapter 3


Chapter 4


Gain Perfect with 3 Homey pieces: Homey tag


A set of street clothes for fashion selfies: Street tag
A set of Ladylike clothes: Ladylike tag
Dark colors are more low-key: Palette 2 or 16

Lie Makeover palette Chapter 2


A set of clothes for a wedding: Gown tag
Pure and dreamy colors: Palette 3, 9, or 15


Gain Perfect with 3 Street Punk pieces: Street Punk tag

Lie Makeover palette Chapters 4

Chapter 5


Gain Perfect with 3 Gothic pieces: Gothic tag


Gain Perfect with 3 Gown-tagged pieces: Gown tag


A set that reflects the childhood fun: Fairytale tag
The color that reflects the cuteness of the girl: Palette 8 or 11

Lie Makeover palette Chapters 5


Make a set of clothes with sports elements: Sporty tag
Colors reflect the vitality of youth: Palette 1, 8, 10, 12, or 14

Lie Makeover palette Chapter 5

Chapter 6


Gain Perfect with 3 Classic pieces: Classic tag


Make a set of future-style clothes: Cyberpunk tag
Tones highlight the sense of future technology: Palette 9, 15, or 16


A set with traditional Chinese elements: Traditional tag
Reflect the color theme of “Festive Joy”: Palette 8 or 14


Gain Perfect with 3 Street pieces: Street tag

More chapters will be added soon

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