Light of Thel New Era Classes Guide – Best Class in Game

Welcome to our Light of Thel New Era Classes Guide, In this Light of Thel New Era Classes Tier List we will tell you about every class available in the game. Light of Thel: New Era introduces gorgeous battle graphics, a reformed comprehensive 3D battle interface, and rich new adventures to create a new experience.

So come and take a look at this Light of Thel New Era Classes Guide

Light of Thel New Era Classes Guide

Omni Warrior

Balance of both offence and defence, with aggro abilities and damage abilities!

With the survival from damage reduction, can charge into the middle of the battlefield!

Rune Mage

Using manipulative abilities, can create tricky magic with massive burst damage!

Has outstanding potential for AOE damage.

Elven Archer

With rapid shots and rapid attack speed can deal aggressive damage, locking onto their targets!

Contains consistent damage with high damage rate per second.

Holy Priest

With abilities to heal, create buffs and buff removals with control skills in same combination!

The priest class can change the battle around completely to their own will.

Shadow Assassin

With the deception of ninja arts and shadowy skills. Can kill enemies within the darkness.

Cunning with evasiveness and speed with super single target and AOE burst capabilities.

Rosen Knight

This defensive knight can protect teams with high damage tolerance preventing harm while being offensive with light damage abilities!

High control, damage absorption, team shields and damage transfer, with AOE offensive potential.

That’s it for this Light of Thel New Era Classes Guide – Best Class in Game. Also Read: Light of Thel New Era Codes

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