Lineage W Classes Guide 2023 & Lineage W Tier List

Welcome to our Lineage W Classes Guide 2023 & Lineage W Tier List, which provides a comprehensive overview of all available Best Classes in Lineage W. Lineage W has four basic classes: Monarch, Knight, Elf, and Mage.

In this article, we will tell you Lineage W Best Class and Lineage W Best Character to use in the game along with Lineage W Tier List so come and take a look at this guide.

Lineage W Tier List 2023

  • Monarch – S+ Tier
  • Mage – S Tier
  • Elf – A Tier
  • Knight – S Tier

Lineage W Classes Guide & Lineage W Tier List

Lineage W Classes Guide 2023

Monarch – This is one of the best Lineage W Classes, Although destined to face countless trials, the heroes of Aden shall shine as the victors of glorious battles

Magician: This is a very good Lineage W Class The offspring of death. Struggling to overcome a cruel fate that condemns Ger to become the wicked goddess’s vessel. Despite constantly fighting murmurs calling for destruction and temptation leading to corruption, she ventures out into the perilous world in the hopes of striking her own way.

Elf – This is a Lineage W Good Class, The one who will continue to tread the path of redemption indefinitely. All will fade away, but those who bloomed from the Tree of Eternity will live forever. The blood of her kin stains her hands and cannot be washed away. As a result, a life of atonement lies ahead.

Knight: The one who wanders in order to maintain his religion. Swears a Blood Oath to his one and only eternal Master. Death is unimportant to him as long as the vow is kept. The Knight battles without fear as both a guardian and a judge.

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