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Hi guys, welcome to our Little Alchemist Remastered Guide, In this article, we will tell you everything about the game. Little Alchemist Remastered” is a brand new game developed by Monumental, LLC. This is a strategy game in which you can spell combinations to fight against monsters and other players. You can unlock more than 1300 spells.

So come and take a look at this Little Alchemist Remastered Guide, in which you will learn about Deck Leveling, Heroics, Card Leveling Chart, Card Ability Info, Deck Strategies w Abilities and much more.

Little Alchemist Remastered Guide Wiki

Abbreviations Guide

CC = Combo Card
FF = Final Form

B = Bronze
S = Silver
G = Gold
D = Diamond
O = Onyx


DFF = Diamond Final Form
SCC = Silver Combo Card


There are no DCC in-game
OFF are upgraded with Onyx Fragments (AKA frags) instead of dust


Heroics unlocks when you beat Bridget, the 4th boss in the Church. The event runs on a global timer and occurs every other week, lasting for a week.

How it works:

Each day you have three attempts to beat as many of the 40 bosses as possible with ONE deck. You are allowed to switch your alchemist type after each battle, but the attempt is over when you run out of health or cards. Heroics takes your top score per day so most people would only consider doing more attempts for coins (which I don’t find worth it)


You earn 10 gold per each boss defeated, up to 400 gold per attempt. Depending on the number of bosses you beat during the week, you will be ranked against all other players and rewarded with heroic skulls at the end of the event week.


“If you are wanting to improve your arena deck, spend the skulls on Onyx Combo Cards. These do cost 1,000 heroic skulls and may take months to earn, but greatly improve your arena deck when acquired.

If you are wanting to improve your heroics deck, you can spend the skulls on Onyx Combo Cards or on Diamond FF2 Card pack. Diamond cards are great to add to a heroics deck and can be purchased for only 250 heroics skulls.” – Tapdawg

Don’t buy anything else. I say always buy OCC.

Basic Strategy:

  • Arena deck plus levelled cards.
  • If you can’t 3-turn try and time your fused FF to KO the boss.
  • Don’t use your FF abilities when they have 5 orbs.
  • I run the healer first half, and Elementalist in the second half. TB on the final boss if close.
  • 4:1 CC:FF if all cc and ff are fused.


CC is generally Fused GCC > unfused OCC > unfused GCC > fused OCC.
FF are generally Fused CS > CB > Absorb > unfused attack > unfused defence. Some don’t fuse absorb.

Deck Leveling

Keep your deck to 35 cards

As a beginner, this will primarily be combo cards (cc), but eventually, it will be 30 CC with your best 5-6 fused FF. Critical Strike (CS) are the most commonly used FF, but worry about that later.

Level each unique cc in your deck to 4

Some do bronze first because cheaper, others do silver first because stronger. I would probably alternate. Level 4 is required to research diamond combos, which will be crucial when you’re playing portal and buying packs.

Level each 2x dupe cc in your deck to 4

This allows you to make level 5 combo cards and gets you that much closer to fusing

Fuse your dupe cc, replace with level 4

Level 4 + Fused = max combo. It also gives 2 orbs instead of 1. Example: If you have 2 level 4 metals, level them up to 5 and immediately fuse them. Your deck is missing a card so you should add a level 1 metal. Your immediate goal is getting it to level 4 like the rest of your deck.

Rinse Repeat

Your cc should always go from 1 – 4 – Fused. The dupe in every fusion should be replaced. If both cards were in your deck, put a level 1 back to level-up as mentioned above with metal. Eventually you will only be playing max combos at 2 orbs minimum.

Keep your 7 best arena cc unfused

Fusions are essential to climbing the ranks and playing efficiently. Level 4 + Fused = max combo and it gives you 2 orbs. Fused + Fused = 3 orbs. Using this system of 2 orb + 3 orb is the most basic stage of 3-turning. 7 unfused let’s you spare some strong cards, dust, and money while consistently being able to get your 5 orbs.

Deck Strategies w Abilities

If your deck has progressed this far, you know that FF is the primary way for most players to win their matches. Some players use this to be an offensive threat, while others choose to play defensively, and others mix it up.


Common ability: Tiebreaker

Getting 5 orbs and playing your offensive (CS) FF as quickly as possible. This isn’t the only start, but it’s proven and extremely popular. That 3-turning in the end-game has put in the resources to afford a deck of a strong 30-fused CC deck with 5-6 FF.


Common ability: Lobotomizer

3-turning while you use Protect or even Curse FF. The idea is to make your opponent run out of cards while tanking hits. Those that have been successful on offence have had extremely high win rates, but it’s expected to take a lot more time for matches and those taking it seriously have to scout to make sure decks aren’t bigger than theirs after Lobo.

The FF abilities aren’t nearly as beneficial in PvE, but you can always play them unfused in those instances.


Common ability: Master Healer

Mostly for end games or those with high HP, this approach means tanking the opponent’s FF on turn 3 and playing yours somewhere between turns 3-6. If you only play CS, you’re likely to play turn 4.

If you play a mixture of CS and Prot, you could play Prot on turn 3 and CS on turn 6 to confirm the win. This is very situational, and sometimes depends on cc for consistency.

The more you know your and your opponent’s decks, the more likely you are to know which turns to tank and which turns to play your FF. This is the least recommended strategy for the average player as the requirements are high.

Card Leveling Chart

Dust Required to Level:

Bronze – 3, 12, 27, 48 = 90. 42 for 4. 180 to fuse

Silver – 12, 27, 48, 75 = 162. 87 for 4. 324 to fuse

Gold – 21, 48, 78, 111 = 258. 147 for 4. 516 to fuse

Diamond – 48, 75, 108, 147 = 378. 231 for 4. 756 to fuse

Onyx – 75, 108, 147, 192 = 522. 330 for 4. 1,044 to fuse

Onyx Fragments Required to Level: OFF – 100, 200, 300, 500, 1,000 = 2,100. 1,100 for 4. Fused at level 1

Card Ability


  • CB/Crushing Blow – Completely ignores the enemy cards’ defense
  • CS/Critical Strike – Doubles your cards attack
  • CA/Counter Attack – Reflect all damage taken this turn
  • Absorb – Heal yourself for all the damage you deal this turn
  • Curse – Enemy’s card attack is removed
  • Protection – Double your cards defence


It is recommended to purchase the two additional research slots if you’re p2p and often buying premium packs. F2P should save their gems for premium packs.

Research allows you to make combos with your combo cards (cc). Any research applies to all other cc and rarities for that card. Bronze level 4 research = bronze/onyx level 1 research. Self-comboing cc requires 2x of the appropriate level for research.

Always have something research. For the quickest usage research everything in the arena then heroics. I don’t add a card to my deck until everything is researched for that deck. If you have the dust, it’s also a good opportunity to level more unique cc to level 4 to research for heroics or potential occ.

Level requirements:

  • 2x unique level 1 cc to research bronze combos
  • 1x level 2 for silver
  • 2x level 2 for gold
  • 2x level 4 for diamond

Researching Time:

  • Bronze – 1hr
  • Silver – 6hr
  • Gold – 24hr
  • Diamond – 48hr

Little Alchemist Remastered Guide

Little Alchemist Remastered Decks & Cards

Pick Green Enchanter when creating your account. It’s not the end of the world if you didn’t. After you create your account the ability is based on preference.

Keep your deck at 35 cards

Don’t level up the beginner FF, you will dust them soon.

Level each unique cc to 4 one at a time (1 dragon, 1 metal, 1 superhero), etc.

Always have your research slots busy.

Save all your gems until you know what premium packs to buy

Use as many arena runes as you can because even if you lose, it’s free gold.

Only buy basic packs/boxes. Keep 6x scc, 2x bcc (or as many as you want), dust everything else.

Best F2P cards 

This is not an exhaustive list (your deck might work better with other cards), but some of the better free to play cards are:

  • BCC: Metal, Dragon, and Rainbow
  • SCC: Superhero, Knight, and Wizard
  • GCC: Space, Food, and Bear

That’s it for this Little Alchemist Remastered Guide

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