Lonely Survivor Beginner Guide 2023 – Tips & Tricks

Hi guys, Welcome to our Lonely Survivor Beginner Guide, In this Lonely Survivor Beginner Guide, we will show you tell you some tips shared by Lonely Survivor community players and those players who have been playing this game since it was released.

So come and take a look at this Lonely Survivor Beginner Guide. You can also read our Lonely Survivor Tier List Wiki

Lonely Survivor Beginner Guide

Genral Tips

Don’t spend your gold on talents atm. Upgrading eq often gives better stats at a lower cost

Don’t pick up skills that reduce your movement speed

Save your diamonds for the wish chest~ far more reliable way to get SSRs l, which are basically BIS gear except maybe the helmet.

Use the warrior helmet instead which gives good CDR.

Gear that gives passive buffs are generally better than skill specific ones, except maybe the toxic boots (at least till you get toxic gem lv4).

For non ssr gloves, energy gloves gives a good alternative to St domain so you can pick up other skills.

Farm stage 4 for gold and materials~ oh and fireball and sweep are currently the most popular weapon skills so try using a halberd when you can. Gear levels can be refunded for free at any time so no worries about sunk costs

Run like hell, choose item perks that reduce skill range or dmg only, build tanky, so hearts passive n hp regen

Also range skills should be focused, don’t take all of it, just upgrade whatever you chose 1st, u won’t be fighting until the boss waves so prepare for those.

Lonely Survivor Beginner Guide by cashope 

Lonely Survivor Beginner Guide

Pro Tip by Jas

I’m using SSR Halberd: it is super amazing for crowd control (killing massive numbers of mobs) “again I’m talking end game big amount of mobs coming from all directions very quickly very strong”. The SSR halberd can kill them easy and quickly. ( I NEED skill set to kill the final bosses quicker ).

Pro Tip help (2): if using the SSR Fire Staff: i can kill the final bosses very quickly and easily. However, i face difficulties surviving large amount of mobs coming from all directions quickly and strongly. (I NEED) strong skill set to kill these waves of mobs easier

Lonely Survivor Shared by Sadie Does

I went back quite a few stages, to stage 4 (just in case.) I put on each type of weapon and upgraded that weapon as much as I could. I then played the level. I took Sacred Domain+Heal every time. The rest of the runs, I tried to get Fast Cooldown, Attack Increase, Lightning Ball, and Meteor as much as possible. I tried to keep all the skills as similar as possible so it would be a fair comparison.

I ran stage 4 until I had gotten both ultimate skills of all five weapons currently in the game.

Here are my thoughts on the weapon skills based on the way I like to play and the gear and such I have:

1. Sword – Sword Gust Storm [Agile Steps] > Quick Slash [Range Extension]. The sword is very underpowered, and it really shows in its ultimate skills. Sword Gust Storm wins by a very narrow margin here only because the larger attack does clear a bit of a path. Even still, you have to get speed (Agile Steps) to unlock Sword Gust Storm, and that could easily cause you to run into damage without meaning to. Absolutely must have Attack Increase to make this weapon work at all. Also benefits greatly from Fast Cooldown. Even with those supplements, it’s just not enough, sadly. Do not like.

2. Bow / Penetrating Arrows – Explosive Arrow [Smart Mind] > Thousand Arrows [Multiple Casting]. A thousand Arrows barely improves Penetrating Arrows. Explosive Arrow is large, does ok damage, and has a small AOE at the end of each of its shots. The biggest drawback here, though, is you have to take the XP increase skill Smart Mind in order to unlock Explosive Arrow. Since I don’t generally use Laser (the other skill Smart Mind enhances), I feel like this is a waste of a skill slot. This benefits greatly from Multiple Casting and Fast Cooldown. The bow doesn’t all out suck, but it isn’t great.
DrZeus — 08/28/2022 1:50 AM
Hey everyone I thought I would post my personal tier list of weapons and skills from best to worst. Again this is my PERSONAL preference so dont take it for fact.


1. Sword
2. Halberd
3. Staff
4. Shuriken
5. Bow

Now you all have been seeing me rave about the halberd however I believe the sword is better until the halberd is red legend because you HAVE to give up domain to use the halberd combo perfectly and the domain is too strong in early stages at around stage 20 domain falls off. However I wouldn’t invest too hard in the sword if you do wanna go the halberd route just remember halberd either costs months of game play or 300$+ to get a red legend.


1. Poison nova
2. Absolute domain
3. Lightning field
4. Super boomerang
5. Meteor shower
6. Shadowless arrow
7. Hurricane
8. Ice blast
9. Charge lightning
10. Electric laser gun
11. Fire and ice pheonix

That’s it for this Lonely Survivor Beginner Guide Wiki, we will add some more tips in this page

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