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Tenants and Rent

Your most important estate resource are your tenants, or more specifically the rent they pay. This rent begins at 3 per tenant, or 4 if in Wulfram, and can be increased, maintained or decreased.

Rent Effect in chapter 1 Effect in chapter 5c
Higher content %-35, reputation %-10 and -15 tenant soon after with at least 60 of Charisma:Anger +20 if already high, +10 if normal or +5 if lower

with at least 35 of Charisma:Anger +35 if already high, +20 if normal or +10 if lower

with at less than 35 of Charisma: Anger +70 if already high, +50 if normal or +30 if lower

maintained content %-10 and -5 tenants soon after
Lower content %+30, content %+10 and reputation %+15 only possible if not already lower:
content %+20 and reputation %+10

Respectability, Prosperity and Content

Those 3 stats serve to basically determine how many tenants you lose and/or gain, while sometimes unlocking a different event or result.

Each point of Respectability above 30 gives 0,4 tenants;

Each point of Content below 50 loses 0,4 tenants;

Each point of Prosperity gives +0,2 above 30 and -0,2 below 50:

The loss is calculated and rounded separated, while gain is added and then rounded to the closest integer.

There is also loss from events, if at Aetoria they will vary depending on the Manager or otherwise on the MC own choices.

The is a limit of 250 to the number of tenants, but the MC can eliminate it by building more cottages while in the estate, if in Aetoria from chapter 2 to the end there is no way to build it.

Management Turns

The management turn is the time where the player can:
deal with debts by making new loans, paying debts or renegotiating debt;
order construction of a Project or Major project, while at the estate;
send money to the manager fund, while at Aetoria;
invest money, if part of shipowners club and at Aetoria;

During a playthrough one will have 9 of them across the entire game:
1 in Chapter 1
1 in Chapter 2a
2 in Chapter 2b
1 in Chapter 3a
1 in Chapter 3b
1 in Chapter 3c
3 in Chapter 4a
1 in Chapter 4b
1 in Chapter 5a only for those that returned from the estate
2 in Chapter 5b only for those that were already at the estate or 1 for the from Aetoria
2 in Chapter 5c only for those that were already at the estate or 1 for the from Aetoria
1 in Chapter 6a
1 in Chapter 8
1 in Chapter 9

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