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Lumberjack Balloon Freeze Deck | Lumberjack Balloon Deck 2019

Lumberjack Balloon Freeze Deck  Hi Guys Today, I bring to you the Lumberjack Balloon Freeze Deck | Lumberjack Balloon Deck 2019. This Deck is very good for Challenges Like Sudden Death and rage Challenge also you can use this Lumberjack Balloon Freeze Deck in Arena 10+ so come and take a look at this Lumberjack Balloon Freeze Deck | Lumberjack Balloon Deck 2019

Lumberjack Balloon Freeze Deck

1.) Lumberjack:  You would think he would replace the Mini P.E.K.K.A and be one of the best cards in the game due to his excellent DPS and run speed, along with decent HP and the fact that he drops a free win-more Rage for you (Seriously, if you have Lumberjack and your deck contains a Rage, make the swap).

2.) Balloon – This your main win condition. The balloon is surprisingly hard to stop due to the rage, and borderline impossible with a tank in front and spell support.

Do NOT rush with a balloon at the very beginning without knowing your opponent’s cards. It also is not a good idea to use it if you don’t have the Freeze in hand.

A balloon is best used in a counter push. If the balloon is at the tower and you manage to freeze all the defense, you are guaranteed a tower. This is actually how I won most of the time.

3.) Ice Golem – Use him as your Mini-tank to distract and soak up damage. Paired with the Battle Ram, he will protect it for the ram to reach the tower and your Goblin Barrel to shred to tower. When your opponent rushes you, use the Ice Golem to kite enemy troops and protect your tower.

4.) Freeze – the MVP of this deck since the balloon can’t do nearly as much damage without it. Save the freeze as a surprise card, but don’t hesitate to use it on defense if needed.

This card is OP in Sudden Death challenge because you are able to pause the opponent’s rage, while your troops are raged. Remember, a single mistake with this card can leave you down 4 elixirs, which can cost you the game.

5.) Ice Spirit: This card still provides a lot of value of 1 elixir despite the nerf, it’s a really good card concept wise.

Pretty sure if it was 1 elixir and just freeze, it would still be used.

Helps against some games where you need to distract a troop or freeze it (like an inferno dragon over your xbow). The freeze mechanic also resets troops, in case you didn’t know.

Zap: We all know this one

Goblin and Bats: Best cards for 2 Elixir you can use these for Cycle and defence

Lumberjack Balloon Freeze Deck  Strategy :

It is better to wait for your opponent to make the first move. Play passively for the first two minutes and counter push, try not to rush.

Once it is a double elixir, you can start playing much more aggressively. The chances are that you end up with at least one tower by the first two minutes 

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