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Top 9 Lumberjack Rush Deck 2020 | Lumberjack Rush Challenge

Top 13 Lumberjack Rush Deck Lumberjack Rush Challenge Deck

Lumberjack Rush Deck 2020 | Lumberjack Rush Challenge Deck Hi guys Lumberjack Rush Deck 2020 | Lumberjack Rush Challenge Deck 2020 a new mode in clash royale like Ghost Parade Challenge and Bandit Rush Challenge. In this Lumberjack Rush Challenge, Lumberjack spawn into the arena from both sides of King Towers, Its very fun to play challenge and If you complete this challenge you will get 4 Trade Tokens and 1 Lumberjack Legendary Card at 9 wins

In this guide, I will show you Best Lumberjack Rush Deck | Lumberjack Rush Challenge Deck which will help you to win this Lumberjack Rush Challenge so come and take a look at these Top 13 Lumberjack Rush Deck | Lumberjack Rush Challenge Deck

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1.) Clash Royale Giant Prince Lumberjack Rush Deck

Top 7 Best New Season Tournament Deck September 2019

Usually, you don’t want to start first so you should wait a few seconds at 10 elixir and respond appropriately if opponent doesnt play a card by 2:42 this usually rules out cycle decks so you can cycle something.

Good opening cards are mega minion, dark prince and miner, but i dont like starting with miner on the off chance the opponent has pump, but if you do, play him in the safe space until you are certain opponent has no tornado Continue Reading »

2.) Clash Royale Pekka Ram Rider Lumberjack Rush Deck

Top 6 Best Pekka Deck Arena 11 2019 | Best Pekka Deck Arena 12

The gameplan is very simple and you just have to Support your P.E.K.K.A by using Baby Dragon + Electro Dragon to deal with supporting troops while damaging the tank, or just cut them off with Bandit or Barb Barrel Continue Reading »

3. ) Golem Executioner Tornado Lumberjack Rush Deck

The strategy is simple play golem at the back followed by Executioner, Minions or Musketeer and If they play a Lava Hound, play a Golem on the other lane.

Don’t play your Golem first unless absolutely forced to. Place your Golem behind the King’s Tower when you have defensive cards ready.

Wait to see if they make a quick counter push on the other lane. If they don’t, place your support troops in the back Continue Reading »

4.) Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Lumberjack Rush DeckMega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck

I am actually here today to share with you guys an amazing Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck, I tried it out and its working well in Grand Challenges and ladder, This Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck Arena 10 is very strong in the Continue Reading »

5.) Golem Night Witch Lumberjack Rush Deck

You will Win most of the time with this Golem Hunter Deck Arena 9 because every major push because your Mega minion can kill almost any Mele defensive troop, and your Baby Dragon can kill troops from a distance, as long as your Golem is tanking all the damage.

6.) Clash Royale Pekka Fisherman Lumberjack Rush Deck

Pekka Fisherman Deck Arena 10+

Pekka: One of the (if not the best) defensive cards in the game. Excellent tank killer and good tank for the rest of the cards in this deckShe works extremely well on the counter push, meaning you can kill a Hog with her, then push with Hunter or Skeleton Barrel ! She is also your main counter to your opponent tanks like Giant or Mega Knight. would not suggest using it as a win-condition because as well all know, Pekka is easily distracted and killed by swarm units Continue Reading »

7.) Princess Knight Goblin Barrel Lumberjack Rush Deck

Princess Knight Goblin Barrel Deck Arena 10+

This Princess Knight Goblin Barrel Deck Arena 10+ is a Log Bait Control deck, you want to focus on two things: Defense and their splash cards. Your goal is able to defend successfully while getting their Zap out off rotation or having them hesitate to use it.

However keep in mind that there will be opponents that have counters to all of your baiting units. There are still ways to work around this, but defense is the key thing when handling these types of situations Continue Reading »

8.) Mega Knight Battle Ram Bandit Lumberjack Rush Deck

Mega Knight Battle Ram Deck Arena 11+

You’re going to be facing lots of pekka’s paired with electro wizards and bats. Here’s how I deal with them:

Place your inferno dragon at a safe distance, the further back you can place it to build up elixir, the better.

When the Pekka and ewiz are at the bridge, immediately toss in the mega knight. He should kill the ewiz if placed properly, but if not Continue Reading »

9.) Prince Battle Ram Bandit Lumberjack Rush Deck

2v2 Wild Fisherman Challenge Deck 2019

You will want to slowly chip down your opponent’s tower with the battle ram and bandit mostly, and sometimes with a Prince. Constantly pressure your opponent to ensure that they are always spending elixir and that they have to leave a push unsupported 

if they are building up a big push with a tank in the back, so that you can counter the push for a positive elixir trade Continue Reading »

10.) Lava Hound Balloon Meta Decks 2019

Overall I’d classify this deck as air beatdown since it has a lot of air troops and you can easily put your opponent in trouble with that.

The biggest counters are giant + elite barbs deck since both need an immediate response and they can cause dual lane pressure easily

In theory, the worst card to face would be inferno tower but since it’s not meta, this deck can roam free and give players easy wins and a fun time Continue Reading »

11.) Mini Pekka Dark Prince Lumberjack Rush Deck

During the first 2 minutes, I usually run Mini PEKKA and Lumberjack together and Prince and Dark Prince together as two pairs. Both pairs plus Fire Spirits can be devastating pushes as well as great on defense. I always try to drop Mini Pekka first to bait out whatever they would not play if she was going to defend. That way I can drop the Lumberjack and give them a little surprise.

During X2 Elixir, this deck is very versatile. This deck can either push a single lane with all 4, or push both lanes simultaneously with the two pairs. This deck is also good at switching lanes against people who have strong, but slow defenses (Furnace, Ice Wizard, defensive buildings) Continue  Reading »

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