Madtale Idle RPG Best Team Comp Guide – Team Positioning

Looking for Madtale Idle RPG Best Team Comp Guide? You are at the right place. Today we will show you the Madtale Idle RPG Best Team Comp Guide and the Positioning of the best heroes. If you are new to the game and are looking for the best teams to focus on, I hope this article will help you out.

In this article, you can find all of the best synergy-based team formations in Madtale Idle RPG, and how well they do in different modes of the game. Of course, the Madtale Idle RPG team recommendations here will be all mainly based on my own opinion only and some from other veteran players also.

So come and take a look at this Madtale Idle RPG Best Team Comp Guide Guide

Madtale Idle RPG Best Team Comp Guide

Front Row:

Mary Perlo
Rozar Tilpo

Back Row:

Maria Lohr
Arnell Reed
Rilla Reed

Giant Garden & Polluted Prison Strategy: Given the challenging environment of the Giant Garden & Polluted Prison, integrating a healer into the lineup is crucial. The recommended team is:

Mary Perlo, Rozar Tilpo, Maria Lohr, Rilla Reed, Lorin (as the healer)


Rozar Tilpo: A sustainability champion, Rozar’s ultimate launches a triple crowd-control (CC) effect: Seed, Flower, and Entangled.

This progression from Seed to Entangled ensures that Rozar can self-heal by 40% of her attack when Entangled is activated, boosting her survival chances.

Arnell Reed: With a potent root-based CC in her ultimate, Arnell can drastically increase her attack when targeting rooted enemies.

Her basic attack, meanwhile, reduces the highest enemy’s attack, diminishing the damage they can dish out.

Maria Lohr: Maria is a dynamic hero who, with her ultimate, can debuff all enemies, diminishing their accuracy.

Maria’s passive amplifies team offense when her health drops, and her basic attack diminishes the enemy’s critical chances.

Mary Perlo: Both an attacker and defender, Mary’s ultimate decreases three random opponents’ accuracy.

Her passive, when triggered at 50% health, enhances her Par status, increasing her damage resistance. Simultaneously, her basic attack amplifies her offence.

Rilla Reed: The team’s main damage source, Rilla’s ultimate inflict bleeding on all enemies, dealing damage over time.

Lorin: when his health drops to 50%, his passive activates the HP Restoration effect, boosting the team’s overall healing.

This team composition prioritizes a balanced strategy of offence, defence, and healing.

That’s it for this Madtale Idle RPG Best Team Comp Guide – Team Positioning

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