Magic Tower Hero Guide Wiki – Best Build & Skills

Looking for Magic Tower Hero Guide Wiki, In this Magic Tower Hero Guide Wiki we will tell you about Magic Tower Hero’s Best build and some beginner tips & tricks.

In this article, you will information about Magic Tower Hero Skills, Stats, Wings, NPC, Runes and Other useful tips and all these tips are shared by game players. So come and take a look at this Magic Tower Hero Guide Wiki.

Magic Tower Hero Guide Wiki – Best Build & Skills


The skills are divided into ATK skills and Passive skills. There are Basic, Medium, Adv., Master, and Guru skills. The higher the level is, the more stats bonus will be, but the learning conditions are also more demanding.

You can forget a skill with a 100% Badges return.

Through adventure levels and boss challenges you can get random skill books. You can also collect materials to find the NPC Sherl to make the Guru skill or find a skill book in Yanis’s Shop. Also, you can go to the Faction Event – Dungeon to earn more skill books.

When you reach level 29, you’d better forget some skills. Because when you reach level 30, you will need Oblivion (330 diamonds) to forget a skill.


Might – ATK, it relates to the damage. 1=30 ATK
Build – HP upper limit. 1=225 HP
TEN – DEF, reduces damage received with an upper limit in each level. 1=90 DEF
Heal – Healing, Auto recovers yourself in battle. 1=7 HP Healing
RES – Resistance, reduce the taken damage. 1=7 taken damage reduction
Warn – Pursuit damage, Pursuit DMG is adding X DMG (X = damage caused by per attack), it will be affected by DEF. 1=10 Pursuit damage
Luck – Improves Crit chance for critical damage. 1=15 Critical damage
Acute – Improves PEN (penetration, ignore the DEF) damage. 1=15 Penetration damage
DEX – DOD (dodge, improves enemies’ miss chance of attack). 1=15 Dodge
Quick – ATK SPD (attack speed, increases attack times per second). 1=150 ATK SPD
AGI – agility, increases move speed (take the chests fast). 1= 200 Move speed
Order – Improves PVP damage. 1=45 PVP damage
Judge – Improves PVE damage. 1=50 PVE damage



Practice makes perfect. This is the pet phrase from Mike, the Trainer. Filled with the sense of duty, he devotes himself to helping warriors with being stronger and more powerful. A calm and stern face is under the blue hat, warning you not to skip his good training.

Training grants you a lot of EXP. But there are only 2 chances daily and the chances will not be accumulated. So don’t forget to find Mike if you want to level up fast.

It is wise to prepare a set of gears with EXP bonus. When you do training with the set of EXP boost gears, that will be very fruitful.

There is a time limit. If you don’t finish all the monsters during the limit, you will only obtain part of the Rewards. The more the merrier. When you defeat all the monsters in time, you will unlock the Blitz.


I am a Magic Warrior. I made it to the top once. But since I’ve got my head injured…Now it’s all on yours.”

You cannot use HP potions during the Tower challenge, but you can still use the Healing gears to make you survive longer.

There is no time limit. So you have enough time to think how to move smart. Do not get in a clipping situation.

The recommended Combat Power is for reference only, you can still pass with a little bit lower CP.


He is a good man, a loyal man, and an enigmatic man. No one has seen what he looks like if he removes his helmet and armor. They seem to grow on him.

“Are you qualified…to slay the demon?”

Only members in the same Faction can participate in the Faction Boss battle and share the rewards.

The one who gives the last shot to the Boss will have special rewards.

Each Boss has a unique attack pattern and it will deal a huge amount of damage. Please pay attention to that.


There are 3 kinds of Runes:

Build Stone with HP bonus – Lv1 +50 Lv2 +100 Lv3 +154 Lv4 +213 Lv5 +278

Might Stone with ATK bonus – Lv1 +8 Lv2 +16 Lv3 +24 Lv4 +33 Lv5 +43

TEN Stone with DEF bonus – Lv1 +22 Lv2 +44 Lv3 +67 Lv4 +93 Lv5 +121

The level of the Rune you can buy is 5 levels lower than your highest one you owned.

If you have no empty slots and no runes to fuse, then the rune you buy will help runes fuse in the first place.



The bonus from the wings is permanent.

Transforming Wings will not affect your bonus received from the Wings. If the number of the activated Wings reaches the following numbers will unlock additional stats bonus:

When you own
3 pair of Wings: HP+2%
6 pair of Wings: DEF+2%
9 pair of Wings: ATK+2%
12 pair of Wings: Crit+120
14 pair of Wings: DOD+120
16 pair of Wings: PEN+120

Where can you get Wings and Wings Core

1) Alchemy and Sorcery at NPC Sherl

2) Snow Relic of the Faction

3) Domain of the Faction

4) Adventures

5) Market

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