Mashle Academy Clan Tier List Guide 2024 – Best Traits

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Do you wonder what the best Mashle Academy Clan is? Well, you’ve come to the right place as we rank them all in our Mashle Academy Clan Tier List. In this game, you can join a clan to benefit from unique bonuses. Options like Recruit, Razer, and Zero offer different advantages. and Markings grant additional potential, affecting your character’s overall stats. Aim to increase your markings over time for greater potential.

So come and take a look at this Mashle Academy Clan Tier List Guide. You can find all the information about a game on the official Mashle Academy Trello page

Mashle Academy Clan Tier List Guide


Muscles Magic Mastery (Higher base damage, posture and scaling on all Muscles magic skills and prevents it from being disabled by Razor’s Anti Magic)

  • Adaptive (Train All Stats 20% Faster)


  • Prodigy (+25 Additional Potential)
  • Sorcerer (Train Magic Mastery 2x faster)

Ira Kreuz

Demon Mark (When brought below 50% Health, awaken a demon mark on your forehead.). Demon Mark Mode Buffs:

  • 25% Damage Boost
  • 5 Agility Boost


Press G to unleash a anti magic shockwave disabling magic skills of those hit for a duration of 10 seconds + (duration scales with your level, max duration of 20 seconds)

Clan Characteristics

  • Red Eyes
  • Golden Magic Pupil

Mashle Academy Best Traits Tier List

  • Brawn – Deal 10% more damage from muscle scaling attacks
  • Magical – Deal 10% more damage from magic power scaling attacks
  • Healthy – Gain +10 Maximum Health
  • Durable – Take 10% Reduced damage from all sources
  • Energetic – Gain +20 Maximum Stamina
  • Guarded – Gain +20 Maximum Posture

That’s it for this Mashle Academy Clan Tier List – Best Traits guide.

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