Mechabellum Guide Wiki – Game details and Mechanics

This Mechabellum Guide Wiki aims to help newcomers who have just entered the pit or not long ago, quickly grasp the various positioning of game units, as well as various complicated mechanisms.

So come and take a look at this Mechabellum Guide Wiki

Mechabellum Guide Wiki

1: Gold Mechanics

Gold per turn = number of turns*200, up to 4000. Any money you didn’t spend in the last round will be yours for the next round.

2: Health mechanics

The amount of health reduced after a lost round is equal to the cost of all remaining enemy units on the field, and the cost of each unit, in turn, is equal to the amount of gold spent to purchase the same first level unit.

For example, if there is one volcano left at the end of the round, it will take 400 health points, regardless of its level. Also, it should be noted that group units (mustangs, fengs, wasps, etc.) deal damage separately from the whole group.

In other words, if there is only one crawler left in a group of crawlers (100 gold, 24 units), then the damage is calculated based on the cost of that one remaining crawler, and not the entire group. (100/24 ​​= 4.17 damage per crawler)

3: Target mechanic

Units have two characteristics, based on which they choose which target they will attack. The first is the distance to the target, the second is the turn time of the unit. The unit will calculate which target it can hit first based on the distance and turn time. In the game, you can always highlight a unit and see a red arrow indicating the unit’s target, as well as a white circle showing the attack range.

However, if at the beginning of the round your unit wants to attack, say, a sniper, this does not mean that he will attack him. After all, faster units (for example, crawlers) can stand behind the sniper, so the target will always change to the enemy closest to you.

Card Mechanics

From the second turn, at the beginning of each turn, there will be four cards to choose from, and only one can be chosen. Under the card is its price, but you can refuse the choice and get 50 gold instead of the card.

Remember, the cards are the same for all players. And already selected cards will no longer appear in the match. Cards are divided into three types: specialists, abilities, equipment.

Starter kit

At the start of the first round, each team has four starting sets of units to choose from, but these sets are different for both sides.

The starter kit consists of one specialist, two packs of T2 units, three packs of T1 units. Also, at the start of the game, you will always have exactly the units that were in the starter kit unlocked for hire. (T2 refers to units purchased for 200 gold and unlocked for 50.

T1 refers to units purchased for 100 gold and unlocked for 0, and T3 refers to giant units). Also, different kits have different amounts of health (mostly depends on the specialist in the kit)

In addition, if your starting specialist gives you a lvl3 sniper, and at the same time other types of units in your starter kit are not snipers, then at the beginning of the game, you will have both 2 types of units from the set and a sniper unlocked for hiring. Rhinos are Tier 1.5 with an unlock cost of 0. Hackers are Tier 2.5 with an unlock cost of 100. Rhinos, Wasps, and Hackers are not in the starter packs.

6: Buying units, unlocking them and deploying them. Only two units can be bought per round, the deployment spc allows you to buy three units. The power tower on the left allows you to buy another unit per round for an additional 50 gold (but you need to buy this ability again every round!).

Only one type of unit can be unlocked for recruitment per turn. Units can only move freely during their first deployment turn and will not be able to move on subsequent turns (requires relocation specialists, jumpdrive or free roam items). If the unit can move, a green cursor appears below it. Up to 8 defensive missiles and shields can be deployed in one turn.

Power towers

When the tower is destroyed by the enemy, a negative effect is applied to your entire army, which significantly reduces the attack power, movement speed and increases the damage received by you.

In the power towers on the left and right, you can purchase various abilities that, in skillful hands, can make a decisive contribution to the outcome of the round.

Also, for the destruction of the tower, a lot of experience is given to the unit that destroyed it. 8: Experience Mechanics Units gain experience when they kill, assist, destroy, and help destroy units and towers, and can level up when they reach the maximum amount of experience.

As a unit levels up, the experience requirement increases (a level 3 unit needs 3 times more experience per upgrade than a level 1 unit).

Side drop mechanics

From the second turn, you can place your units on the sides of the enemy. However, when units are first thrown to the side of the enemy, the deployment time will be ten seconds, during which the units gradually increase their health starting from 50%. During this time, the unit’s abilities are disabled and they can be destroyed.

Equipment mechanics.

All units have an equipment slot, and equipment only works on the unit it was equipped on, not all units of that type. Each unit can only be equipped with one device and it cannot be removed once installed. If a unit is sold, the equipment can be worn again on another unit.

Technology Mechanics

Unlike equipment, unit technologies apply to all units once acquired. For example, if a crawler buys the replicate technology, then all your crawlers will have this technology, including those that were created using the equipment or abilities of other units.

A technology has a base price, and for each technology you purchase from one type of unit, other technologies of that type of unit will increase in price by 200.

That’s it for this Mechabellum Guide Wiki – Game details and Mechanics

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