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Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck Arena 10 | Mega Knight Deck 2019

Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck Arena 10 Mega Knight Deck 2019

Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck Hi, guys, Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck Arena 10 I will share Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck, I tried it out and its working well in Grand Challenges and ladder, This Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck Arena 10 is very strong in the current meta so come and take a look at this Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck

Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck

Mega Knight: This heavyweight boxer smashes down with the power of 1,000 mustaches. His main role in this deck is defending pushes and then counterattacking with minions or a hog rider. In single elixir I only use him 1-3 times because he’s so expensive.

His main problem is DPS, so paring him with minions is a perfectly devastating push for only 10 elixir.

I rarely would deploy him in the back because you need to save his landing damage for defending hogs and other attacks.

In double elixir you can easily defend a big push and then throw everything behind him for a massive unstoppable push!

Inferno Dragon: One of those troops that always brings the pain, on offense or defense!

He can absolutely murder tanks like nobody’s business, and then that heavy damage can be transitioned into offense using a counterpush!

However, be sure to help to protect him from reset cards and deadly high DPS air troops (yes, I’m talking about you Bats!), as both counter him well

Skeleton Barrel: The rookie As soon as I got the Barrel I couldn’t help but try to figure out how to use it properly.

It has a bait aspect, it distracts well, it deals a lot of damage when left alone, and it’s only 3 Elixir.

I couldn’t fit it in Zap bait decks, so I tried another option: Mega Knight decks. And it worked great

Goblin Gang: This card is steadily rising in popularity. They are so versatile than Minions.

Actually, the role of Goblin Gang (GG, as I will call them throughout the guide) is pretty similar to that of Minions.

The difference between the two is that GG has more DPS than Minions while Minions can fly as compared to GG which are ground.

Zap: 2 Elixir. Best when overleveled. Goblin Barrels, squishy troops on offense or defense when your Princess can’t get them.

Not much else to say.

Miner: Win condition Use him on pumps, Princesses, or as a tank on a counter push. His stats are a bit lower than Knight, but if you need a backup mini tank on defense, don’t be afraid to use him. Pair him up with Skeleton Barrel to chip off Tower health.  Always start off with the anti-nado placement, and if the opponent doesn’t have a Tornado, start mixing up the placements.

Spear Goblins: Air defense/Support, chip damage, and card rotation

Bats:They can actually chip the tower when ignored, with one Bat hitting the tower as it dies.

Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck Arena 10 Gameplan:

The overall playstyle of this Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck Arena 10 relies on Offense some time on defens The Miner+Barrel has a higher skill ceiling so it’s not exactly easy to use but it is very reliable for me to reach 4800+

this Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck Arena 10 relies on Offense If you fall into playing the opponent’s style, you’ll lose. The only exception is control decks, where you’ll have to be more patient. The good thing about this deck is that every card has wide versatility,

so that if one type of offensive push isn’t working against a particular opponent, you have other solid approaches to help you win.

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Thanks for reading this Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck Arena 10 All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome

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