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This guide shares details about Meta World My City Wiki & Walkthrough. Meta World: My City is a brand-new game by net marble. Players can compete against each other to claim victory by rolling the dice and using the skills of characters from “Let’s Get Rich” to customize their play style.

They can also grab land and construct structures to develop their properties and upgrade them into dazzling landmarks. The game offers customized character models, allowing players to create an Avatar that represents them and customize it with their unique style.

The game starts with Manhattan, New York, and major cities from around the world being added to Meta World: My City. So come and take a look at this Meta World My City Wiki.

Meta World My City Wiki

Main Screen

[Login Screen]

The login screen will be the first screen you encounter when you launch the game.

Here, you can protect your account by linking it to your email or social media account.

Link Account

For added security, you can link your game account to up to four different platforms.

Image: netmarble

If you delete the game and have not linked your account or lose access to the linked platform’s account, you might not be able to recover your game data.

* Netmarble provides an email account service, and you can register for it by verifying your email address.

① [Meta World: My City] Introduction Video

② Clear Game Cache and Reinstall the Game

③ Log Out of Your Account

* Before deleting the game and its data, you should link your account to ensure that you can log in again with your existing account.

[Main Screen]

Welcome to the main lobby screen of [Meta World: My City]!

Here, you can access various game information, including your in-game currency.

Main Features

You can carry out the following actions from the main screen.

Main Features

Currency, Mailbox, Notifications, Menu

Currency: Tap the [Coin] button to view all your in-game currencies, including both paid and free, and tickets.

Mailbox: Receive mails, event rewards, and push messages sent to you as a player.

Notifications: View up to 100 notifications related to the game.

Menu: Access various information about the game, including Meta World, My Real Estate, Board Game, Events, and more.

Player Information, Meta World Pass, Mileage Exchange

Meta World Pass: Get rewards based on the amount of accumulated Meta World Pass Points, which is obtained through check-ins and board games.

Mileage Exchange: Get rewards based on the amount of accumulated Mileage, which is obtained when Diamonds and Crystals are used for board game-related content.

Shop, Wardrobe, My Characters, Character Summon, Achievements, Meta World Island

Shop: Purchase various items required for board game play and real estate growth.

Wardrobe: Change the appearance of your Avatar by equipping or purchasing Avatar costumes.

My Characters: Enhance and organize Character Cards required for board game play in your deck.

Character Summon: Obtain Character Cards by using Crystals, Diamonds, and Gold.

Achievements: View the list of rewards and achievements achieved during gameplay.

Meta World Island: By previewing real estate-related content, you can earn Gold on an ongoing basis based on the value of the real estate.

Meta World, Board Game

Meta World: Enter Meta World, a virtual world constructed from an actual city in another world, and acquire real estate.

Board Game: Access the board game channel to play board games using your Character Cards.


Access the [Shop] by selecting the [Cart] button located at the bottom left corner of the main screen.

Main Features

In the Shop, you can purchase a variety of items needed to win board games and stimulate real estate growth.

Special Bundle

– Special Bundles with purchase limits per account will be sold for a certain period of time here.

Meta World Pass

– By purchasing the Meta World Pass, you can obtain special rewards on top of the normal Meta World Pass rewards.

Regular Bundle

– You can purchase a bundle that is available only for a limited time.

For instance, the monthly bundle will reset on the 1st day of every month.


– Items that can change the appearance of your Avatar will be sold here.

Board Game

– Entrance tickets to the Champion Channel of the Board Game, and Character Memories purchasable by Character Points will be sold here.

What are Character Points?

If you have the maximum amount of Character Memories, the surplus memories are granted as Character Points, which are used to purchase desired Character Card Memories.

Real Estate

– Items that can be used in real estate-related content will be sold here.


– Basic currencies like Gold, Diamonds, and Crystals will be sold here.

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