MHA Ultra Impact Tier List & Character Guide 2022

Welcome to our MHA Ultra Impact Tier List & Character Guide 2022, Today we will tell you MHA Ultra Impact Tier List and MHA Ultra Impact Character Guide. My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT is a 3 versus 3 fighting RPG mobile game developed by Bandai Namco and based on the hit anime “My Hero Academia.” In the legendary battles of the anime series.

You can create your favorite characters and use their “personalities” to vanquish opponents. There will also be a slew of new drawings to collect, as well as the option to customize the “Hero Base” design to see the heroes interact. So come and take a look at this MHA Ultra Impact Tier List & Character Guide 2022. Also check out here: MHA Ultra Impact Reroll Guide 2022

MHA Ultra Impact Tier List 2022

There are 3 types of Characters in MHA Ultra Impact, UR, SR, and R

MHA Ultra Impact Tier List – S Tier

  • UR AFO (Evil Ruler)
  • UR All Might (Symbol of Peace)
  • UR Shoto Todoroki (World Heroes)
  • UR Mirio Togata (1 can gol)
  • UR Izuku Midorlya (Living Up To Expectations)
  • UR Momo Yaoyorozu (Always Looking Ahead)
  • UR Ochaco Uraraka (In My Field)
  • UR Katsuki Bakugo (World Heroes)
  • UR Himiko Toga (Blood of Love)
  • UR Tomura Shigaraki (Liberation of Awakening)
  • UR Shoto Todoroki (At My Will)
  • UR Overhaul (Honpo that Never Disappears)
  • UR Endeavor (Rising Heat)
  • UR Izuku Midoriya (World Heroes)
  • UR Katsuki Bakugo (Relentless Assault)
  • UR Eijiro Kirishima (Strength Not to Fail)
  • UR Hitoshi Shinso (Words as Weapon)

MHA Ultra Impact Tier List – A Tier

  • UR Shota Aizawa (Living in the Moment)
  • UR Shoto Todoroki (End of the Conflict)
  • UR Izuku Midoriya (My Own Skill)
  • UR Hawks (Strong Gales)
  • UR Shoto Todoroki (Built-Up Flames)
  • UR Tomura Shigaraki (Endless Malice)
  • UR Himiko Toga (My Target)
  • UR Shota Aizawa (Attack that Pierces the Emptiness)
  • UR Izuku Midoriya (Blow of Luck)
  • UR Katsuki Bakugo (l’m the Best)
  • UR Tsuyu Asui (Missing in Color)

MHA Ultra Impact Character Guide

UR All Might (Symbol of Peace)

Plus Ultra Skill – Detroit Smash

  • Inflict 750% damage to a single enemy. Apply High Field to all allies for 3 Turns.

Action Skill – Texas Smash

  • Inflict 400% damage to a single enemy, inflict additional 40% damage if an enemy is a “Villain” character ( Cool Down 4 Turns )

Action Skill – Number One Hero

  • Increase own Plus Ultra gauge by 100% (Cool Down 7 Turns)

Auto Skill – The People’s Hope

  • If HP is 50% or more, increase Power by 40%. Decrease Power and Speed by 3% every turn (Up to 30%)

Auto Skill – Courageous Heart

  • If your HP is 50% or less, apply Grit to self(Once Only), increase Power by 50% for 3 turns.

[UR – Wisdom] Shoto Todoroki

[Wisdom – UR] Shoto Todoroki is an excellent non-DPS player to have on your team. His initial ability is an AoE strike that not only has a potential to freeze enemies for one round, but also gives him a 30% power boost if a Chain is activated successfully. His other skill, the Plus Ultra skill, causes foes to burn, which is very effective while fighting bosses.

That’s it for this MHA Ultra Impact Guide, we will update this with more information.