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Mighty Omega Tier List Wiki – Best Clan & Traits List

Hi guys, Welcome to our Mighty Omega Tier List Wiki, In this wiki, we will show you all Mighty Omega Best Clan & Mighty Omega Traits Tier List.

So come and take a look at this guide.

Mighty Omega Tier List Wiki – Best Clan & Traits List 2023

Calm Mind

Rhythm depleting is lower than average


Rhythm tend to go increase faster if HP low


When low your speed isn’t heavily affected if you try to run away


A chance to crit increasing your dmg by x1.4 with a 6% chance of happening, 20 sec cd after a crit is used


Damage boost that scales depending on how many players hit you works for skills + base combat


Rhythm increases faster while in stance, however you lose more rhythm when get punched


Rhythm increases by 25% of the puncher’s rhythm gain from hitting you (You don’t lose rhythm from getting hit)


Extra rhythm gain when you hit people


The higher your stomach/calories is filled the more rhythm you gain from punching


Person who gets hit by someone with a fearsome trait decreases their rhythm passive gain by base 20% and increases by 3% per hit, cap at 36% (lasts for 6.5 seconds)

Risk Taker

Getting guard broken/parry’d gives you +15% in your rhythm instead of losing it (After conditions are met there will be a 10 second CD), guardbreaking someone while having this trait will give you +25% rhythm


Hitting a person 5 times under 4 seconds will disable the other person from gaining rhythm for 4 seconds, 12 sec cd after effect takes place


Parrying and counter window time increased by 0.1sec, perfect blocking only increases window time by 0.05sec


Regens faster while in combat by at least 50% more than normal players, red bar behind your HP also doesn’t deplete as much when hit

Mighty Omega Clan Tier List Wiki

Mighty Omega Clan Tier List Wiki


  • Receives a buffed form of Flow State
  • Exclusive skill that can be found at trials of 200


  • Has access to Removal and the Kure Style.


  • Has access to the Raishin Style.


  • Planned to get ”muscle control” in future updates
  • Gives a one time permanent 1.1x height increase(Meaning you never lose the height boost even if you roll off of it)


  • Gives a randomized height boost between 1.1x to 1.3x to your current height
  • Forces you to become a bright green skin color
  • You lose the height boost upon rolling off this clan


  • Proficiencies only.


  • Proficiencies only.


  • Proficiencies only.


  • Bad clan reroll.

Wu [Spec Clan]

  • The Wu clan is the western version of the kure clan, said to be betrayers. It is unobtainable.
  • Special clan only a select few in existence have it. It’s a slightly buffed Kure in terms of Profs.

That’s it for this Mighty Omega Tier List Wiki – Best Clan & Traits List. Also, See – Roblox Combat Warriors Best Weapons  and Roblox Meme Sea Tier List

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