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Welcome to Minecraft Legends Campaign Guide Wiki, In this Minecraft Legends Campaign Guide Wiki, we will tell you the complete Minecraft Legends Walkthrough which is shared by PaperyApe984185#9558. The campaign of Minecraft Legends focuses around the player defending the Overworld against a race of Piglins, inhabitants from the Nether that seek to conquer the Overworld for land and for gold.

The player’s goal is to neutralize this threat and save the Overworld, and must do this by destroying piglin bases whilst defending villages against piglin Invasions.

Minecraft Legends Campaign Guide Wiki – Walkthrough & Chapter Tips

There are three essential items in Minecraft Legends that allow the player to do certain invaluable tasks in the Campaign. These items are:

The Banner of Courage:

This banner allows you to rally your troops and get them to follow you. You can also use the banner to send them into battle. To rally your troops, stand near your allies and press the correct button; all friendly mobs within a certain radius will begin to follow you.

This includes mobs that cannot be used in combat against piglins, such as foxes, ocelots, turtles, pigs, and badgers. Hold the button to release your allies and get them to walk around freely again. Troops can be sent into battle in two different ways, either directly or by using Banner View. Directly sending your troops into combat will cause a hologram of the Banner of Courage to appear a few blocks in front of where your hero is currently facing, your troops will then rush to that hologram.

If they encounter any piglin enemies or structures along the way, they will begin to attack them. By using Banner View, you are given a higher-up view of your surroundings, from which you can select a spot on the ground and are given the options to either Charge or Focus Target. Selecting the “Charge!” option will cause your troops to charge to the selected spot, targeting the first enemy they come across.

This is the same as the direct send feature, but allows you to better choose where you want your troops to attack, such as a long distance away or an area to the side of your hero. Selecting the “Focus Target” feature will cause your troops to charge to the selected spot, however they will only attack whatever enemy or structure is specifically at the designated spot.

This can be risky, as troops that are focused on a specific target will only attack that target, and will not be able to defend themselves against other mobs that are attacking them. To send troops in a different direction, simply rally them again and direct them where you want them to go.

The Flames of Creation:

These flames allow you to create spawners and spawn mobs to fight for you. This is very useful, as in the world of Minecraft Legends, few mobs spawn naturally that you can use effectively in battle. By far the best way to get a quick source of troops is to build a spawner and then spawn mobs using that spawner, which costs materials such as Lapis. In the bottom right corner of your screen, you can see your

Spawned Army: all currently living mobs that you have spawned in from a spawner. This number will initially cap out at 20, however you can increase it with certain Improvements later on. Once a spawner is built, you can either spawn in mobs (assuming your Spawned Army isn’t already full) or recall your Spawned Army to your current location. It is highly recommended to always recall your troops before entering into any battle, as otherwise slots in the Spawned Army will be wasted on troops

that may be hundreds of blocks away and idle. Keep in mind that naturally spawned mobs that you have rallied using your Banner do not count towards your Spawned Army, and you can use as many of these as you want.

The Legendary Lute:

This musical instrument helps you play melodies that direct the Allays to do certain things, namely gathering resources for you and building structures. Golden allays build for you while blue allays gather resources, and you will start out with five of each at the start of the Campaign (this can also be increased with Improvements later on).

When you start out, you will only be able to gather Wood and Stone, which will cap out at 1000 each. Later on, you will be able to build Improvements to gather new types of resources, such as Redstone, Diamond, Coal, and Iron.

There are also two special types of resources, Prismarine and Lapis, which can be obtained from destroying piglin bases or saving villages from Invasions in the case of Prismarine, or slaying piglins in the case of Lapis. Resources other than wood or stone will cap out at 250 each.

Now that you know the essentials of how to play the game, let’s begin the Campaign!

Minecraft Legends Guide Wiki

Minecraft Legends Chapters Guide Wiki

Chapter One: A War Begins

The campaign begins with a lengthy cinematic showing the backstory behind the piglin invasion. A peaceful zombie gives a flower to a villager, and both are content when all of a sudden the first Nether portal opens behind them.

A Grunter is thrown into the Overworld, and attacks the zombie and the villager, relentlessly pursuing them whilst throwing blaze rods. We are shown a glimpse of the piglin chiefs in the Nether, alongside the piglin emperor, who commands the piglins to begin the first attack. In the dimension of Fate, Foresight sees this happening and alerts Action and Knowledge to come with them.

The three Hosts briefly observe the situation before re-entering Fate and using their magic to speak to a Minecraft player and recruit them to join their cause.

The three Hosts present the hero with gifts: Knowledge gives the Legendary Lute, Foresight gives the Flames of Creation, and Action gives the Banner of Courage. The Hosts also present the hero with a horse to ride on.

The tutorial takes place inside Fate and serves to acquaint the player with the basic mechanics of the game. The actions you perform in the tutorial are as follows:

  • Gathering wood and stone using the Lute
  • Building a ramp to get to higher ground
  • Building spawners for Cobblestone and Plank golems
  • Rallying and de-rallying your troops
  • Sending troops to a specific location using Simple Direct
  • Destroying two piglin Barracks with your newfound allies

During the tutorial, you will also first encounter Cobblestone Golems and Plank Golems. Cobblestone Golems deal melee damage and are useful for destroying piglin structures, while Plank Golems deal short-range ranged damage and are useful for fighting piglins themselves.

A cutscene plays where you enter the Overworld of Minecraft Legends for the first time.

You spawn in at the Well of Fate, the center of the Overworld. The Hosts will immediately direct you to go to a village, which is currently under attack by the Horde of the Hunt, one of three unique piglin armies.

Feel free to ride around the Well of Fate to familiarize yourself with the game’s movement; the piglin threat at the village will only begin once you enter the village itself. Locate the village’s icon on your compass on the top of the screen, and begin riding in that direction.

As you ride towards the village, set two allays to gather wood and stone, as you will need them once you enter the village. Make sure to come into contact with any Speed Wheat or Bounce Caps that you come across, as they will make you ride faster and jump higer, respectively.

As soon as you enter the village, a cutscene will play showing the piglins invading the village, attacking villagers and whatever wildlife they can find.

As soon as you enter the village, build a Plank Golem spawner. Since there are no piglin structures during this stage of the story, Cobblestone Golems are not needed. Spawn around 5-6 Plank Golems, rally them, and attack the 20-odd piglins scattered around the village.

Act quickly, as the piglins will attack villagers, which will not respawn when killed. Do not try to open cages with villagers, as they will be destroyed automatically when the last piglin is slain.

After the piglins are defeated, a cutscene will play showing the destroyed Fountain at the center of the village.

The Hosts will direct you to build a Carpentry Hut near the village Fountain in order to repair it. Build one near the golden beam of light. Once the Fountain is repaired, you will be able to fast-travel to it at any point using the Map.

A cutscene will now play showcasing the Fountain as functional once again.

You will now be directed to another village that is undergoing an Invasion. Make sure to stock up on resources before you begin your journey: You should have 1000 wood and stone ready for the battle to come. Rally the Plank Golems that you have already spawned in so that you don’t waste time Recalling them later on. On your way to the village, you will also discover an abandoned Power Tower that you should go up to and click on, as it will allow you to build better Improvements in the future.

As soon as you enter the second village, another cutscene will play showing the piglins sneaking up on the peaceful villagers. You will also see a villager depositing Lapis into a Village Chest.

Quickly build another Plank Golem spawner and Recall your troops if you lost them along the way. Spawn in Plank Golems until you have around 10-15. Don’t spawn in all available 20 as you will need a few slots for Cobblestone Golems later on. Defeat the piglins and claim more resouces from the Village Chest when finished.

You will now have a few minutes to prepare for an upcoming Invasion. Quickly go back to your Plank Golem spawner and build a Cobblestone Golem spawner; spawn golems in until your Spawned Army is full. You likely won’t have enough time to build walls around the entire village, so instead build 8-10 Arrow Towers around the village, spaced evenly.

You should also build a Carpentry Hut to defend the village Fountain. Locate the direction of each wave of piglins by using the compass at the top of your screen. Use your troops and your sword to defeat the Invasion and save the villagers. Open the Village Chest once again to claim more Lapis and your first bits of Prismarine.

The Hosts will now lead you to destroy three piglin outposts surrounding a third village. Make sure you are stocked up on resources, and attack these outposts one by one.

The first piglin outpost will introduce you to Barracks, also known as piglin pits. These structures will occasionally spawn a group of Runts or Grunters, shooting fire into the sky at the same time. Destroy the Barracks to conquer the first outpost.

The second piglin outpost will introduce you to Netherspreaders, which are the cause of the widespread Nether corruption. These structures will occasionally spread a cloud of red corruption around them, dealing AOE damage to any troops near them. Lead Cobblestone Golems to destroy them.

A cutscene will now play showing a curious Creeper kicking a blaze rod into lava.

The third piglin outpost will introduce you to Blaze Rod Towers, which are large towers that shoot blaze rods at opponents, functioning identically to an Arrow Tower. Destroy the towers th conquer the outpost.

A cutscene will now play, showing a Creeper and a Skeleton preparing for battle.

Now that all three piglin outposts are destroyed, the Hosts will tell you to fast-travel back to the Well of Fate using the Map. This will also teleport all rallied troops.

Chapter Two: Beacon of Night

A cutscene will play, with Knowledge introducing the hero to Mossy Golems and Grindstone Golems. A Grindstone Golem knocks over a rabbit, and a Mossy Golem pats it and sprinkles healing water on it. Grindstone Golems deal melee damage and deal heavy knockback to enemies, while Mossy Golems heal allies and remove debuffs in a radius.

Knowledge will now direct you to select the Improvement for gathering iron in your Songbook. Your Songbook acts as a catalog to describe and explain resources, mobs, allies, and structures in the game. Navigate to the Improvements section of your Songbook, and select the Improvement for gathering iron in the first of your eight slots.

Now go over to the Improvement Hub, located directly next to the Well of Fate, and build your first Improvement using the Prismarine you have collected thus far. This Improvement will allow you to gather iron, found in the Dry Savannah, as well as grant you 25 starting iron.

The Hosts will now lead you to attack a far-away piglin outpost. Ride there, but before you attack it, make sure to build spawners for Cobblestone, Plank, and Mossy Golems. Grindstone Golems are not very useful at this stage, so I would hold off on spawning them. Spawn in some Mossy Golems if your Spawned Army is not yet full, and attack the piglin outpost.

This outpost will introduce you to Banner View, which I have already mentioned before. Use Banner view and select the Charge mechanic to get your troops to destroy the Barracks and Blaze Rod Towers. This outpost will also introduce you to Medics, which are piglins that heal other piglins by spreading Nether spores.

When the last of the outpost is destroyed, a major cutscene will play. The piglin emperor throws the Horde of the Hunt chief against the wall for failing to defeat the hero. The Elder, a mysterious and powerful piglin who wields the Orb of Dominance, appears and uses the Orb to corrupt a beacon, directing a group of Runts to bring it to a pigling base.

The Runts do so, and the Corrupted Beacon fires a beam into the sky, blocking out the sun and creating a never-ending night that causes the piggins to be more aggressive and have red eyes. The villagers and passive animals watch as the pigling threat looms in the distance.

You must now travel to the Beacon of Night base in an attempt to destroy the Corrupted Beacon and end the everlasting night. Before you enter the base, construct a Wellhouse nearby. This will act as a respawn point and a fast-travel location.

Collect resources nearby, and rebuild spawners for Cobblestone, Plank, and Mossy Golems near your Wellhouse, You should also build a few Arrow Towers flanking your Wellhouse in case any piglins get near enough to destroy your spawners. Approach the Beacon of Night base to begin the battle.

A cutscene will play showing a mass of piggins emerging from the portal and charging outwards. However, they are stopped by a waiting army of Creepers, Skeletons, and Zombies that have come to defend the player.

Now the real battle has begun. The Beacon of Night base is huge and consists of a large central Nether portal surrounded by an exterior wall and many Barracks, Netherspreaders, and Blaze Rod Towers. To make things worse, one of each miniboss will spawn to defend the portal.

There will be a Lava Launcher, a huge hoglin with a cannon on top of it that shoots magma blocks that deal significant damage and have large range. It also has a melee attack.

There will also be a Pigmadillo, a piglin that rolls around the battlefield, dealing AOE damage. Finally, there will be a Portal Guard, an armored piglin wielding an arm cannon that can be shot at short range.

Make sure your Spawned Army is full and rallied before attacking the Beacon of Night base. Since the piglin structures lining the wall are so numerous, it is best to attack the portal and the minibosses head-on, as destroying the Nether portal will lead to the complete destruction of the base, Focus your troops on a segment of the wall, and once it is breached, aim your troops at the central Nether portal and use the Charge mechanic, Do not focus your troops on the portal alone, as the minibosses will quickly defeat them. Instead, try to defeat each of the minibosses first before focusing in on the portal.

Once you have sent your Spawned Army to attack the minibosses and the portal, resist the urge to go in there and help them yourself. Your sword will do meager damage to the minibosses and no damage to the structures, and you will risk dying if your troops are suddenly outnumbered, Instead, leave the Beacon of Night base for the time being and rally the zombies, skeletons, and creepers that have gathered around to help. Rally as many as you can, bring them to attack the Nether portal, and repeat. This will provide a steady flow of mobs that are attacking the Nether portal, which will eventually lead to its demise, as the piglins are unable to heal their damaged structures. Keep out of the direct battlefield and keep sending in mobs to secure your victory and be able to see the sun again.

When the Nether portal health reaches 0%, a lengthy cutscene will play. The Beacon of Night will explode, causing the piglins to run away. The Elder notices this as well, despite being in the Nether. A Runt will enter the portal just before it is destroyed, running up to the piglin emperor and attracting his attention. The piglin emperor is furious that his plan has been foiled once again. Meanwhile, the beam from the Corrupted Beacon dissipates, leaving behind the moon in the sky. Foresight closes his eyes and uses his power as a Host to accelerate the cycle of day and night, causing the sun to rise in the sky. Knowledge remarks that there is “a new world out there”, and Foresight agrees.

That’s it for this Minecraft Legends Campaign Guide Wiki – Walkthrough & Chapter Tips. Also Read: Minecraft Legends Bosses Tier List

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