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Miner Lumberjack Deck 2019 – Miner Lumberjack Cycle Deck

Miner Lumberjack Deck 2019

Miner Lumberjack Deck 2019 Hi guys Miner Lumberjack Deck 2019 for Arena 9+, Miner Lumberjack Deck 2019 Arena 10+ so I am not a pro, just an average f2p about 1 year into the game with PB of 4170 trophies. But I would like to share this fun control/ cycle deck which I have used in ladder since arena 9 or so, and if anyone would like to try this deck out I would be happy so come and take a look at this Miner Lumberjack Deck 2019 guide

Miner Lumberjack Deck 2019 Card Role:

1.) Miner: win-con, chip damage dealer, mini-tank for counterpush. You know who he is. Do not fear to show him as he isn’t the only one who will get you damage.

2.) Lumberjack: wizard and musketeer eraser, another counterpush star, very fast movespeed gives opponent an urge to respond. He pairs well with other troops starting from mid-game for his death rage bonus.

3.) Bats: dps air defense, zap bait, minitank destroyer, works well in small counterpushes.

4.) Goblin gang: versatile defense, surround and destroy single target troop, draw to center to become mini pekka/ prince/ pekka stopper, good chip damage dealer. Kind of zap bait.

5.) Inferno dragon: tank incineration, zap bait, secondary defense towards wizards and such, sometimes can be used to deal with valkyrie or other mini-tank offensive troops with similar move speed. His value may not always be gained in single elixir due to his movespeed, but is overall a good defensive card with occasionally tower-killing surprise if you’re lucky post-zap.

6.) Furnace: chip damage, automatic swarm killer, good combo with lumberjack, kind of log bait, draws opponent cards into the center for walking distance. Should always be placed in the center. The furnace is to provoke moves from your opponent if they are defensive, and then try to gain something from it, and not exactly an offensive move.

7.) Poison: Spell value, swarm control, deal with buildings, shower it onto tower placed wizards to prevent a push. Protects you from graveyard freeze, kills night witch behind golem. Occasionally miner poison.

8.) Log: versatile defense, swarm control, chip damage, combo with poison to kill witch.

Miner Lumberjack Deck 2019 Game plan:

Starting (3:00 – 2:00 )

Most of the time one should wait for opponent to make the first move. If you find yourself a bad starting hand you can cycle a miner or split goblin gang behind king tower. But most of the time it is better to let them show you their moves.

Furnace in your opening hand is a sign of good luck. Wait until your opponent drops a ranged troop or an area damage troop like a wizard, musket or valkyrie in the back, put furnace in center but one tile on the opposite lane. That way your opponent either puts another splash damage ranged troop on the other lane, or they get the constant waves of heat. In the first situation, it splits the two troops to be countered separately. And if say a musket is countered by lumberjack, and valk with inferno dragon, it creates a situation where you have two troops with fair health approaching their towers. This deck works in accordance to how a player can counter counters, gaining positive trades in the start. When I do not know the opponent’s deck enough I would use the gained elixir for a miner or a furnace. This time you can place a furnace before an opponent place a ranged troop, so that you may decide if you want to poison said troop. Rinse and repeat for chip damage and slowly grasping your opponent’s deck.

Mid-game (2:00-1:00)

You should have figured out what your opponent has, at least everything below 6 elixir, and whether they have zap, log or both. It should be carefully monitored whether your opponent has overly invested, as you have a few combos and cards that can deal good damage. Feel free to switch combos here and there in offence and defense as you’re not only relying on miner to do damage.

It is important to disintegrate pushes into separate cards. For instance, somehow a valk tanks a wizard on the same lane. At first glance we can’t use bats. but wait until both crosses the bridge, lock wizard with Inferno dragon (as it can destoy wizard 1v1) while having bats defending valk as she walks towards your furnace. There are many situations where tank and spank is needed in defense. Be creative with your cards, combinations and placements, and the cards will give you their value.

Endgame (1:00-overtime)

Continue to apply pressure, feel free to be more aggressive if the game is in your pace, troops like inferno dragon manages to be a discouraging factor for people to push into, while you should be able to use your abundant combinations to your advantage. If you have took down a tower, aim for the other one, but not too much so that you have an elixir disadvantage. Pressure but use spells to prevent any push formation.

Miner Lumberjack Deck 2019 Hard matchups:

E-dragon: Your main anti-tank is Inferno dragon. Try to use poison to kill E-dragon. Or if you know they have one try to bait it out on the other lane with other swarm cards.

Tornado: activating king tower = half damage for your pushes. But nevertheless, after the king is activated, you still need to do the minipushes. May not be as effective, yet not pushing at all is worse.

Dual lane: Along with the recent nerf of 3M, dual lane with hogs can be countered by furnace, but royal recruits are both defensive and supportive in nature and prevents any ground punishment. Make sure furnace is planted in the middle and utilize poison spell to break their shields.

Extremely fast cycle/ chip decks: They always have cheap counters for everything. See if you can spell cycle or prediction miner poison. Or else aim for a draw. A slow hovering Inferno dragon on your side is important in such scenario. I would imagine in a mirror match this would happen.

Minion horde freeze (when furnace is out of cycle) : It is a drawback of poison having duration to its full potential, so if you see a horde and furnace isn’t in the middle, either poison it when it crosses the bridge, or center place goblin gang. If the freeze is there use inferno dragon to tank. If you managed to overcome this, make sure you have elixir for furnace and have their cards counted. Minion horde with freeze usually means a high average elixir deck, so see if you can outcycle.

The user being a F2P: Having 4 legendaries (and furnace) in this deck is another reason why I haven’t pushed up in ladder.

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