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Clash Royale Miner Witch Electro Giant Deck Arena 11+

Royal Ghost Draft Challenge Tips

Hi guys, I will show you the Miner Witch Electro Giant Deck This Miner Witch Electro Giant Deck will be grest to use on either ladder or challenges. In this Miner Witch Electro Giant Deck, The witch will be your main defensive card because she no longer dies to fireball, We have Miner in this deck for chip damage and Inferno Dragon for counter tanks with the help of Bats & Minion Horde + Dark Prince so come and take a look at this guide.


Miner Witch Electro Giant Deck Gameplan:

In the early game, you should try to figure out what deck your opponent is playing or you can play miner onto their tower or cycling the Bats at the bridge. Don’t over commit with an Electro Giant straight away unless your opponent pumps or plays a tank in the opposite lane. Don’t be afraid of playing the Electro Giant though while the game is still in single elixir, this will force your opponent to play defensive rather than offense, and then you can defend their small counter push. Getting small miner chip damage early game is often key to winning later in the game because the opponent will often ignore the miner in the early stages of the game especially if you have an Electro Gaint on the field.

In this Miner Witch Electro Giant Deck Arena 11 we would have two viable win conditions in the form of both the Miner and Giant. The Giant will obviously be used more as he is a much more efficient tank and can even be used to sponge damage and kite troops, The witch is a great card and you should try to get multiple witches’s in the arena to help support your Electro Giant pushes. Remember you can kite units like Pekka, princes and mega knights with your giant then use support troops to shut them down and then you can counter push.

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