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2.8 Miner Mini Pekka Firecracker Deck | Firecracker Cycle Deck

Mini Pekka Firecracker Deck

2.8 Miner Mini Pekka Firecracker Deck Hi Guys 2.8 Miner Mini Pekka Firecracker Deck | Firecracker Cycle Deck is here for you and This 2.8 Miner Mini Pekka Firecracker Deck | Firecracker Cycle Deck is almost perfect for countering the annoy Current Meta Decks so come and take a look at these 2.8 Miner Mini Pekka Firecracker Deck | Firecracker Cycle Deck Also Check Out Here: Mini Pekka Hog Firecracker Deck Arena 10+


Miner: This is your win condition. You wanna rely on it to get in chip damage overtime to burn away the tower, along with value Rocket when possible. Another great way to use the miner is using it’s main purpose, acting as a mini tank for usually-but-not-necessarily high DPS troops. Miner plus Ice Spirit, or miner plus Firecracker are quite devastating, but you can get some great chip damage with miner along with any other troop in the deck, like ice golem and ice spirit. You wanna rarely use the miner on defense, but you can when necessary.

Ice Golem:  It is still a very usable card and I’ve been having great success with it, being able to kite, distract, and control the defense very well. It also proves to be a very viable secondary mini tank, acting like a miner on offense if you don’t have the miner in hand to counter push on.

Ice spirit: Ice spirit is a great utility card, being able to use for cycling your deck, providing a mini threat on offense, often forcing more cards than usual from your opponent, and also a nice way to temporarily control the defense, which is especially useful in clutch situations.

Firecracker: Firecracker is best currently in the game and It helps you to Counter, Pekka, Mega Knight very easily. Firecracker is very good to counter support troops, Like Musketeers, Archers etc ect and since Firecracker is 3 cost elixir, It will help you to fast cycle your cards

Mini Pekka: For Defence, Self Explanatory

2.8 Miner Mini Pekka Firecracker Deck Gameplan:

  • Ladder Winrate – 41.8%
  • Tournament Winrate  – 54.5%
  • Challenge Winrate – 53.6%


  • Great versus tanks
  • Good versus hog rider Cheap,
  • Fast cycling, can get to the needed cards quickly
  • Overall, a versatile deck
  • Bad elixir management can cost you
  • Not getting value off your cards, especially on defense can lose you the match
  • A little bit of a struggle versus executioner, but still easily winnable versus the card (5 wins out of 6 matches versus executioner)

Good Chip Damage Combos:

  • Lone miner
  • Ice golem + miner
  • Miner + Ice spirit
  • Miner + Rocket (risky play, only do so when you can get a value Fireball, as usual)
  • Mini Pekka + Ice Spirit
  • Miner + Skeletons

Thanks for reading, Have Fun:

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