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Mini Pekka Lumberjack Deck Arena 9 | Dark Prince Lumberjack Deck

Mini Pekka Lumberjack Deck | Dark Prince Lumberjack Deck Hi guys Mini Pekka Lumberjack Deck | Dark Prince Lumberjack Deck I will show you Mini Pekka Lumberjack Deck which is very good for Arena 9+. This deck will help you reached Legendary Arena 13 so come and take a look at this guide

Mini Pekka Lumberjack Deck Card Role:

1.) Lumberjack: A weaker version of Mini Pekka with Rage. However, Lumberjack’s faster attack speed makes handling small trash units much easier. If I’m going for an all out push, this guy is usually the leader. He’ll get some hits in and his death means an gang of angry Princes. He also makes a great surprise when you’ve already dropped your Mini PEKKA and they send out a Hog or Miner.

2.) Dark Prince: A good complement to the Prince. Handy for clearing out swarms and does decent damage by himself. Can defend against a Mini Pekka and still make it to the enemy tower if left alone. People will still drop Goblins and stuff like that in front of him even though he one-shots them, it’s pretty satisfying.

3.) Zap: Do Zap things with it. Excellent synergy with Fire Spirits and Ice Spirit. Zap + Fire Spirits quick dropped can take out most groups of units.

4.) Princess/Ice Wizard/Ice Spirit: This is a utility/support card slot. Put something in that is good support for your other cards.

5.) Mini PEKKA: One of your high dps damage dealers. Used on defense against pretty much everything. Combined with Lumberjack, this pair can hack down any tank in seconds.

6.) Fire Spirits: Takes out any swarm. Can be used with Mini PEKKA to pressure the lane opposite the one the opponent is trying to push. For example, if they play Elixir Collector in the beginning and I don’t have mine, I will do this push. Or, if they drop anything in the back that is slow, I’ll push the other lane.

7.) Prince: A charging raged Prince moves stupid fast and will take out a tower if left alone. A solid win condition in this deck, using him against any tank unit is also useful. He can tank a Fireball and still make it to the tower. Makes a great counter for Princesses dropped in the opposite lane since he will one-shot her then head to the tower, forcing your opponent to spend more elixir to deal with the threat. This is one of the cards in the game that benefits the most from Rage. He charges sooner and hits faster, taking out most things put in his way.

8.) Elixir Collector: Collects Elixir. I usually use as an opening card. I place in the center for Miner, in the back for Fireball in Poison. Sometimes I will play during X2, but it is mostly for building up advantage during first 2 minutes.

Mini Pekka Lumberjack Deck Strategy:

During the first 2 minutes, I usually run Mini PEKKA and Lumberjack together and Prince and Dark Prince together as two pairs. Both pairs plus Fire Spirits can be devastating pushes as well as great on defense. I always try to drop Mini Pekka first to bait out whatever they would not play if she was going to defend. That way I can drop the Lumberjack and give them a little surprise.

During X2 Elixir, this deck is very versatile. This deck can either push a single lane with all 4, or push both lanes simultaneously with the two pairs. This deck is also good at switching lanes against people who have strong, but slow defenses (Furnace, Ice Wizard, defensive buildings).

The key to this deck, like many cycle decks, is to maintain constant pressure. If you let a beatdown deck build up a 15 elixir push, you’re probably going to lose.

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Thanks for reading this Mini Pekka Lumberjack Deck | Dark Prince Lumberjack Deck 2019 All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome

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