Mir4 Draco Coin Guide 2023 – How to Earn Mir4 Draco Coin

Hi guys, Today we will talk about the brand new game Mir4 Draco Coin guide 2022 and How to Earn Mir4 Draco Coin. before we start let’s talk about What is Draco Coin? Draco is the first commercially successful online game coin in the world. DRACO is a cryptocurrency that uses a novel concept to allow in-game assets to be freely traded, stored, sold, and bought outside of the game. The coin’s inherent value is assured by the value of resources obtained from the game.

In MIR4 players can purchase Darksteel, an in-game resource, with a utility Coin called DRACO. Draco can also be smelt using Darkstell, which you have in your inventory. So without wasting any Let’s check out this guide. If you are looking for Mir4 Classes Guide 2022 & Mir4 Coupon Code 2022

Mir4 Draco Coin Guide

How to Earn Mir4 Draco Coin 2022

You can obtain the Draco Token Mir4 by completing the Mir4 game’s activities and quests. You will also use the token as currency in the game to purchase skills and certain products, as well as to exchange in cryptocurrencies. keep in mind that MIR 4(Global) users are able to Smelt Darksteel obtained in-game into DRACO.
You must follow the following steps in order to obtain the Draco Coin
  • You also can start an account with a well-known exchange like PanCakeSwap or Binance.
  • Another thing to remember is to connect your wallet to your exchange’s website.
  • You will receive all of the details about Draco Token Mir4 after inputting the contract address.
  • Then choose the amount you want to trade and select the swap option.

Mir4 Draco Smeltery Guide 2022

Darksteel, an essential in-game resource of MIR4, can be smelted into DRACO, allowing for it to be stored or traded outside the game. Conversely, DRACO may be exchanged back into Darksteel to be used in-game.

DERBY is the exchange rate between 1 DRACO and Darksteel. The amount of Darksteel received when exchanging DRACO for Darksteel is based on the day’s DERBY. However, smelting Darksteel into DRACO is subjected to an additional fee of 1,000 Darksteel per DRACO.

How To Smelt Draco in MIR4?

Darksteel can be smelted into DRACO or DRACO can be exchanged for Darksteel at the DRACO Smeltery in MIR4.

Step 1. Access Smeltery

DRACO Semltery can be accessed through the Jae Joman NPC located in Bicheon Castle, or directly through the game menu.

Step 2. Smelt / Exchange

Smelting Darksteel into DRACO

  • To smelt Darksteel into DRACO, you must possess Darksteel equal to the sum of DERBY(Darksteel Exchange Rate) + the smelting fee of 1,000 Darksteel per DRACO.
  • Smelted DRACO will automatically be stored in your WEMIX WALLET linked to your game account.
  • Each character can smelt up to 100 DRACO per day.
  • Results for the smelting of Darksteel will be sent to your inbox.

Exchanging DRACO for Darksteel

  • When exchanging DRACO for Darksteel, you will recieve Darksteel equal to the DERBY ratio per DRACO. (Decimals truncated)
  • To exchange DRACO for Darksteel, your total Darksteel reserve post-exchange should be less than the maximum limit.
  • Results for the DRACO exchange will be sent to your inbox.

Step 3. Connect WEMIX ID

WEMIX ID must be connected to the game account in order to smelt Darksteel via DRACO Smeltery\ >Proceed with Login Credentials if the WEMIX ID Log-in screen appears in the process of smelting, exchanging, or verifying smelted DRACO in your wallet.


Mir4 Draco Smelting Fee, Limit & more

Smelting Fee

DRACO can be obtained through ‘Smelting’, a process of turning the total required number of Darksteel based on the day’s DERBY into DRACO. The process also requires a fee of 1,000 Darksteel for each DRACO smelted.

Smelting Limit

The total number of smeltable DRACO will be 1,000,000,000 coins, and daily smelt limit for DRACO will be 1,000,000 coins.

Exchange Draco for Darksteel

DRACO may be exchanged for Darksteel at any time within the game. The amount of Darksteel redeemable per DRACO will be determined by the DERBY on the date of exchange.

Mir4 Draco Coin Price 2022

Mir4 Draco to USD

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That’s all guys for this Mir4 Draco Coin Guide – How to Earn Mir4 Draco Coin ( Free ). Stay tuned to TheClashify for more info related to the MIR4.

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