Modern Royale Challenge Card List

Welcome to our guide. We’re going to provide you Modern Royale Challenge Card List. In this challenge, you can build a deck using only modern cards that were released after the March 2016 global launch. 

so come and take a look at the list of Modern Royale Challenge cards.

Modern Royale Challenge Card List 

Common Cards:

Ice Spirit, Fire Spirits, Electro Spirit, Bats, Goblin Gang, Royal Giant, Elite Barbarians, Giant Snowball, Skeleton Barrel, Fire Crackers, Royal Delivery, Skeleton Dragons, Royal Recruits.

Rare Cards:

Elixir Golem, Earthquake Spell, Healer, Goblin Cage, Royal Hogs, Ice Golem, Mega Minion, Dart Goblin, Heal Spirit, Zappies, Battle Ram, Flying Machine, Furnace, and Three Musketeers, 

Epic Cards:

Wall Breaker, Barbarian Barrel, Electro Dragon, Goblin Giant, Electro Giant, Guards, Dark Prince, Bowler, Executioner, Cannon Cart, Tornado, Clone, Hunter, Goblin Drill.

Legendary Cards:

Magic Archer, Mother Witch, Ram Rider, The Log, Ice Wizard, Princess, Miner, Royal Ghost, Infernal Dragon, Bandit, Electric Wizard, Night Witch, Lumberjack, Lava Hound, Sparky, Mega Knight, Graveyard.

All these cards will be available in the challenge and  You have to create a deck using the above cards.

So that’s it for this Modern Royale Challenge Card List guide. You. can also refer to Modern Royale Challenge Decks

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