Best Modern Royale Challenge Decks List 2023

Are you Looking for the best Modern Royale Challenge Decks? If yes, then you are at the right place because, In this post, we will provide you with the latest deck. In this challenge, you can build a deck using only modern cards that were released after the March 2016 global launch.

So come and take a look at this guide. You can check out here the complete list of Modern Royale Challenge Card List

New elixir Golem Deck Deck

Elixir Golem Deck for Modern Royale Challenge 2021

You can start the game with Elixir Golem in the back in the early stage. you can also play Magic Archer behind King Tower.

Normally, I would advise knowing what your opponent is playing, but this deck is so powerful that there isn’t a single combo in the meta that can stop it. If you’re playing in a single elixir, you might want to play rather passively and just absorb what the opponent throws at you. However, if you get the chance to get aggressive, do so.

Goblin Drill Deck for Moder Royale Challenge

This deck is very good for Modern Royale Challenge because you can defend against many archetypes and allows you to easily defend and begin a strong offensive counter push with the awesome Cannon Cart and Goblin Drill.

E Wiz is a good air and ground counter to balloons and hog riders, and He may also be used as a counter push. Your main tank killer is the E wiz, Dark Prince, and Cannon Cart.

Electro Giant Deck for Modern Royale Challenge 2021

Electro Giant Deck for Modern Royale Challenge

Early in the game, keep it simple and focus on making good elixir trades on defence. Determine the deck your opponent is using and what their primary win condition is. The Fire Cracker, Electro Giant, or Magic Archer are the best starting plays with this Electro Giant Deck.

So guys That’s It for this guide and I hope you liked it. Also, read – Retro Royale Challenge Deck

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