Moonlight Sculptor Pets Guide ( In Detail Guide )

In our previous Moonlight Sculptor guides we talked about food recipes, Crafting, Ingredients Locations but today we will talk about Moonlight Sculptor Pets, What are pets? Pet Taming some tips about using Pets and other guides in-depth.

so let’s get started with this Moonlight Sculptor Pets Guide.

Moonlight Sculptor Pets Guide

Monsters can be tamed using Feed and made into companions that assist in combat. Pets can also grow through combat experience, and they have various skills by each type that help with the progression of the game. ‘Mercenaries’ and ‘Buddies’ obtained through Shop purchases and events, etc can also be managed in the Pet screen.

What are Moonlight Sculptor Pets? 

Field monsters can be tamed and made into companions by using Pet Feed items and ‘Taming’.

The Archer class job is specialized for battling alongside pets.

Moonlight Sculptor Pets

Moonlight Sculptor Pets Taming Guide

‘Pet Feed’ can be purchased from a Pet Supply Merchant. Make sure you have reached Lv.45 first in order to purchase or sell items from Pet Supply Merchants like Lydia. 

Use feed suited to a monster’s palate for a chance to tame them as a pet. The chances of taming a monster are influenced by the character’s Charisma.

Moonlight Sculptor Pets

Use Pet Feed and select the desired monster to tame them as a pet.

The selected feed must suit the monster’s palate. You can view a monster’s palate in the CodexMoonlight Sculptor PetsThe chances of successfully taming a pet are affected by the character’s Charisma stats.

Moonlight Sculptor Using Pets

In order to use pets Go to ‘Pets’ in the menu to manage and summon pets. If a pet is currently summoned, the pet’s level and HP are shown on the screen. Go to ‘Name’ to give pets a unique name or change a pet’s name.

Moonlight Sculptor Pets

If a pet’s summoning is canceled or they become unable to fight in the middle of combat, they can be summoned again after a period of time.

If you want to summon them without having to wait for a period of time, a ‘Subjugation Scroll’ item is needed.

as shown in the image below.

You can use ‘Release’ to return pets back into the wild. Keep in mind that pets cannot be summoned again once released.

Moonlight Sculptor Pets Growth

Battle alongside your pet to obtain XP and increase the pet’s own level. Use Blue Star Tablets for even quicker pet growth.

Archer Class can learn various skills for battling alongside pets, allowing for more cooperative combat with their pets than other jobs.

Moonlight Sculptor Mercenaries and Buddies

In addition to common monsters that are tamed and obtained as pets, ‘Mercenaries’ and ‘Buddies’ obtained through Shop purchases and events can also be managed in the Pet screen.

You can purchase and hire Mercenaries from the Shop, and they will aid in the battle for a certain period of time when summoned. Mercenaries are able to use the skills of human-type characters and do not grow beyond the level they were purchased at.

You cannot contract a mercenary with a level gap of 20 or more. You can contract multiple mercenaries at once, but only 1 mercenary can be summoned at a time.

Buddy Contracts can be purchased from the Shop, and they can be tamed by using contracts. Buddies do not participate in battle but can assist you in picking up items. Some Buddies can also grant specific buffs (ex. Increases XP gained from defeated enemies).

You can spend Buddy Feed purchased from the Shop to use Buddy’s Errand function. The General Storage Box can be accessed when using the Errand function, and items can be stored or retrieved from there.

Pets, Mercenaries, and Buddies can be summoned at the same time. Try forging ahead together on tougher adventures.

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