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Murim Cultivation Aptitude Guide – How to get Get Qi Fast

Welcome to our Murim Cultivation Aptitude Guide, In this article we will tell you about Murim Cultivation Aptitude, How To Get Qi Fast, and How to Get High Aptitude in Murim Cultivation.

Aptitude in Murim Cultivation is essentially a qi multiplier, where a cultivator with 2 aptitudes would cultivate twice as fast as a cultivator with 1 aptitude.

So come and take a look at this Murim Cultivation Aptitude Guide – Qi multiplier

Murim Cultivation Aptitude Guide

Aptitude in Murim Cultivation is essentially a qi multiplier, where a cultivator with 2 aptitude would cultivate twice as fast as a cultivator with 1 aptitude.

Aptitude can go anywhere from 1 to 30, with 30 being the best. Aptitude is not an overall multipliers but is multiplied by the zone multiplier.

So if you have an aptitude of 4 in an area with a multiplier of 2 you will have a total qi multiplier of 8x.

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How Does Aptitude Work?

Aptitude is not a standalone multiplier but interacts with the zone multiplier. If a cultivator has an aptitude of 4 and they are in a zone with a multiplier of 2, their total Qi multiplier will be 8 (4 times 2).

This means they will cultivate at eight times the speed of someone with an aptitude of 1 in a zone with a multiplier of 1.

How to get High Aptitude in Murim Cultivation

Aptitude acts as a Qi multiplier, determining the speed of your cultivation progress. Aim for an aptitude of 25+. To do so, farm and grind mobs like bandits, giants, and treemen repeatedly until you’ve amassed sufficient aptitude spins. Then, use your spins to reach the desired aptitude level.

Mobs Locations:

Bandits: From the Starter Village, go straight and turn right into the Bandit Village.
Giants: From the Bandit Village, move right until you reach a sandy area.
Treemen: Search for a heavily wooded area.

Cultivation Zones

Also known as training zones, these are locations where you receive a Qi multiplier through meditation. Press “T” to find their locations. The multiplier varies based on the location.

  • Spawn House: Next to the spawn point. 2x Qi Multiplier.
  • Temple Area: Requires Peak. 5x Qi Multiplier.
  • Cave: Requires Qi Liquidation. 10x Qi Multiplier.

Cultivation Mastery

Higher Cultivation Mastery leads to higher Qi gains. A score of 10-20 is decent, but achieving 50-100 can yield massive Qi amounts.

Choose a Race with Qi Buff

Two races, Dragon (10% chance, 1.35 Qi buff) and Elf (5% chance, 1.3 Qi buff), offer a Qi Buff that stacks with other multipliers and zones. However, the chance of obtaining these races is relatively low.

Use Qi Pill

Qi Pill is an item you can purchase from the Shady Man in the Cave for 100 silver, or find at trinket drop locations. It provides a +0.2 Qi multiplier for 2 minutes, stacking with other multipliers and zones.

Defeat the Heavenly Martial Master

If you’re confident in your abilities, challenge the final boss, the Heavenly Martial Master. The boss can drop Qi ranging from 75k-1M.

Murim Cultivation Aptitude Percentage distribution

The aptitude of cultivators is not evenly distributed. Most cultivators will find themselves with an aptitude between 1 and 2.

As the aptitude value increases, the percentage of cultivators with that aptitude decreases. For example, only 20% of cultivators will have an aptitude between 1 and 2, and only 0.15% will have an aptitude of 30.

Here’s the percentage distribution across different aptitudes:

  • 1-2: 20%
  • 2.1-3.9: 15%
  • 4-4.9: 12%
  • 5-5.9: 8%
  • 6-6.9: 7%
  • 7-7.9: 6%
  • 8-8.9: 8%
  • 9-10: 10%
  • 10.1-10.9: 9%
  • 11-11.9: 8%
  • 12-12.9: 7%
  • 13-13.9: 6.5%
  • 14-14.9: 6%
  • 15-15.9: 5.5%
  • 16-16.9: 5%
  • 17-17.9: 4.5%
  • 18-18.9: 4%
  • 19-19.9: 3.5%
  • 20-20.9: 3%
  • 21-21.9: 2.5%
  • 22-22.9: 2%
  • 23-23.9: 1.75%
  • 24-24.9: 1.5%
  • 25-25.9: 1.25%
  • 26-26.9: 1%
  • 27-27.9: 0.75%
  • 28-28.9: 0.5%
  • 29-29.9: 0.3%
  • 30: 0.15%

These statistics indicate the rarity and immense value of high aptitude.

Since the zone multiplier influences your total Qi multiplier, it’s beneficial to cultivate in high-multiplier zones if possible. Cultivators with lower aptitudes can still achieve effective cultivation by leveraging such environments.

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That’s it for this Murim Cultivation Aptitude Guide – How to get Qi Fast. For more tips and tricks you can visit our Roblox Guide category and read some related articles below.

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