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Murim Cultivation Guide Wiki – Mastery, Weapons & Controls

Welcome to our Murim Cultivation Guide Wiki, In this article we will tell you about Murim Cultivation Guide, Mastery, Weapons & Controls. Murim Cultivation is a game based on Xianxia/Wuxia novels, where the player can become a cultivator and embark on the path to immortality.

The game is based in Murim, which refers to a fictional world of martial arts often depicted in Korean culture and literature.

So come and take a look at this Murim Cultivation Guide Wiki – Mastery, Weapons & Controls. You find out official Trello link on our Murim Cultivation Trello page.

Murim Cultivation Guide Wiki – Mastery, Weapons & Controls


  • W+W = Run
  • M1 = Attack
  • M2 = Guard Break
  • F = Block
  • R = Parry
  • M = Menu


GUI means Graphical User Interface, is usually what you see on your screen that isn’t 3d.

Current inventory

The current inventory is just the basic roblox inventory.

Old Inventory

The basic Roblox inventory used to be replaced with a more modern look. It still looks the same and you can still press the tilde (` or ~) key in order to open your inventory.

Realm & Qi

The top part of this GUI is your current realm and stage. The bottom half is how much qi you have.


Killing npcs with the same path as the player will award them with some mastery. The higher the mastery the faster the qi gain.

Path Master

These are the first documented players who got max mastery in their respective paths.‌

Heavenly Cultivation – Heavenly Heretic (YodaLePingouin)

Beast Cultivation – Beast Bozo (Ghostdoon)

Demonic Cultivation – Death (Royal)

Cultivation Zones

Cultivation zones are the final multiplier on your qi. If you have an aptitude of 6 and are in a cultivation zone with a multiplier of 2 you have a 12x multiplier on qi.


Murim cultivation revolves around Qi, the vital energy one hones to advance in realms. The higher your realm, the stronger you are, and the more profound your cultivation becomes.

For more info read our Murim Cultivation Realms Guide 


Your aptitude is your inherent potential to cultivate Qi. The higher it is, the faster you cultivate Qi. Start by aiming for a high aptitude, preferably 25 or above (up to a maximum of 30).

For more information about Aptitude, You can read our Murim Cultivation Aptitude Guide which will help you find How to get Get Qi Fast


  • Human – 50 Percent Chance,
  • Neko – 20 Percent Chance,
  • Lizardman – 15 Percent Chance
  • Dwarf – 10 Percent Chance
  • Elf – 10 Percent Chance
  • Dragon – 5 Percent Chance

For more information about race, You can read our Murim Cultivation Race Tier List

That’s it for this Murim Cultivation Guide Wiki – Mastery, Weapons & Controls. For more tips and tricks you can visit our Roblox Guide category and read some related articles below.

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