MHA The Strongest Hero Guide 2022

Hello everyone, we’re here with Part 2 of our Beginners My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tips. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, you can do so here, and both of these My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Guides for new players are shared with the community by u/ADotPoke, so let’s get started.

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Guide

Top 10 My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Guide

  1. If your agency is level 40+ and you start an agency assessment if you make the room private and set up the matching, after about 15 to 20 seconds you will be assigned random bots. These bots are much higher bp than most players (average is like 32k to 38k) and can help you advance further than normal

  2. Beware of auto-ing higher-level agency assessments and Joint Ops. Some of the levels have content you need to manually control. For example, on the forest training, you need to manually find the ninja with the dagger before time runs out. On Joint Ops with Momo, you need to help aim the lasers at her to break her shield 2b. Do not pay gold coins to revive! If you just wait the 15 seconds you will receive for free

  3. If you’ve got a lot of supporter cards, don’t forget you can fuse them to roll for higher rarity cards. Fusing a bunch of useless 3-star cards is a great way to get a bunch of Active Heavy Strike cards

  4. Don’t forget to pair 4-star and 5-star cards for set bonuses – they give a nice bonus to attack. You can also use dupes to limit break some particular strong ones (e.g. Mei)

  5. Supporter cards that have skills that activate after an ally dies work really well in arena or other pvp game modes where you set up defenses

Tips from Part 1 that are worth repeating:

  1. Make sure you select your target support card before summoning with R&D tickets

  2. Holding down on a unit in the dorm will allow you to pick them up to move around

  3. If a dorm unit says they want a bed you don’t have to put them on the specific bed they are asking for to achieve the interaction bonus

  4. Don’t be intimated by night ops bp recs – many well-built heroes can beat the hardest level at around 20k bp or lower. You don’t lose stamina if you fail to clear

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