MHA The Strongest Hero Tips 2022

Hi guys, Today I Will Share Top 20 My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tips & Tricks for beginners shared by u/ADotPoke on Reddit, and these tips are very useful If you are looking for My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero beginners guide.

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My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tips

Top 20 My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tips

  1. Using “enhance” on gear levels up the slot – not the gear piece. You should enhance your slots together in groups (get all to level 10, then all to level 20, etc)

  2. The gear enhancement item is grade D. Once you get all your slots to level 20, you can fuse them (or the game does it automatically for you) to grade C. And so on

  3. The gear you start with is level 20 gear. Packs that offer you legendary level 20 gear are not worth it because it’s quite easy to grind to level 30 in a few days and then you can farm legendary level 30 gear which will outclass your level 20 gear

  4. When doing gear transfer, you can not transfer form higher rank gear (e.g. the lit up star, or the gray star) to lower rank gear (e.g. no star). Different gear has different ranks. Again, none of this really matters for level 20 gear

  5. You get 2 entries per hero on the agency assessment trials. When you see “insufficient stamina” in red, you can swap to a different hero

  6. You can select a target for your supporter card summons so that if you get a 6-star card it has a rate up for that one

  7. If you fail a quest, it doesn’t deduct the stamina. So go ahead and try the hard levels of night ops even if it warns you that you are too low power. You’ll be surprised at how easy they are

  8. Use your weakest heroes first in operation chapter 1. It helps to have 4 heroes at level 50 or higher if you want to clear Tesla in one go. The furniture you get spawns food (like the one that spawns stamina you start out with). If you get stuck, you can clear your data and try again. You won’t lose any of the prizes (thanks xRaid3)

  9. The “trigger dorm event” means that one of your characters in a dorm shows a furniture item in a thought bubble and you have them interact with that furniture item. I have no idea what causes this but it seems to only happen for me first thing in the morning.

  10. There are daily quests for furniture medals in the dorm menu and they give a ton of rewards.

  11. You can pick up your units and drop them on furniture to have them interact. This is way faster than controlling them until the bubble pops up. You can grind through the interaction trials in minutes

  12. Affinity does more than unlock voices – it powers up that characters assist

  13. If you buy event summon tickets with your gold you can save them for a future banner and unlock all the “cumulative spend” of hero coins missions that expire on the 28th

  14. If you are looking for hidden items, they are highlighted by red magnifying glasses on the minimap (click to open)

  15. Even though stamina in this game takes forever to regenerate (and most levels use a ton of it), there is a ton of content you can do to keep you busy but it can be hard to find. Click on every menu and look for anything you can interact with

  16. Be careful buying anything in the “permanent pack” menu. You don’t just get the lump of coins – you are unlocking passes (e.g. battle pass) that are in other shops

  17. You can fuse two identical supporters cards to get a guaranteed card of the same rarity from the same set. For example, if you have two identical 6-star exclusive supporter cards, you can fuse them and get the other 6-star card. This works well for 4-star dupes.

  18. When you complete your first daily missions, buy the permanent stamina increase in the buff shop first (thanks jhowz)

  19. Completing yellow magnifying glass quests on the map unlocks red magnifying glass items to find (thanks randgrid)

  20. Using rush tickets does not grant agency stamina – I haven’t confirmed this but if true this would be a major disappointment! (thanks TrillyBear)

That’s it for this My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tips & Tricks and You can Read here Part 2 of this My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tips Here.

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