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This is a MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE Chronicle tier list—an updated MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE tier list ranking the best characters in the game.

If you are confused about which MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE characters are the best in the game, don’t worry – Our MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE Tier List highlights the best heroes and what makes them special.

With this expansive roster, it’s understandably tough to decide which are the best characters to play with in MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE. Luckily, we’ve got you covered by ranking all the characters from best to worst, so you don’t have to.


In MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE, characters are classified into various tiers based on their overall effectiveness. Here’s a breakdown of the rankings:

  • S-Tier: These characters are overpowered (OP), making them the most substantial picks.
  • A-Tier: Characters in this category are exceptional and offer a considerable advantage.
  • B-Tier: These characters are well-balanced, neither overly strong nor particularly weak.
  • C-Tier: Characters in this category are decent, but there might be better options.


MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE Tier List Wiki – Best Characters

S Tier:

Yaoyorozu (Momo)

  • Creates invaluable items with her special skill.
  • Annoyingly effective with her riot shield and sweeping attacks.
  • Overall, an extremely rounded character that is a major threat in the game.

Ibara (Vine Girl)

  • Can wrap a downed ally in thorns and revive them without actually reviving them.
  • Very effective at holding enemies and has extensive vine skills that provide protection and wide range attacks.

Mount Lady

  • Can transform into a giant, dealing devastating attacks.
  • The range and power of her attacks when transformed are hard to counter, making her a formidable opponent.


  • Has the ability to mimic and use the skills of other characters.
  • Extremely versatile, but requires knowledge and proficiency in playing all characters.

A Tier:

Deku (Midoriya)

  • Can carry a downed ally.
  • Good combo potential, especially with his “black whip” skill.


  • Ability to dash in any direction, making him versatile in battles.
  • Piercing shot and grenades provide range and AoE (Area of Effect) attacks.


  • Can shoot fire and ice, offering both damage and defense.
  • Sliding on ice and creating ice walls gives him mobility and protection.


  • Only character that can harden to reduce damage and prevent flinching.
  • High combo potential but lacks range.


  • Can wrap in electricity, dealing damage to those nearby.
  • Good range, AoE, and gap-closing abilities.


  • Creates cement walls, offering protection and strategic advantages.
  • High skill ceiling, making him potentially great in the right hands, but also potentially problematic.


  • Lights his body on fire for an AoE attack and uses flame traps.
  • Flames offer a protective barrier that stops incoming attacks.

B Tier:


  • Can make herself or allies float.
  • Her skills are a bit predictable and can be avoided easily.


  • Speedster who can carry an ally on his back.
  • Can dash up walls but lacks significant power in fights.

Tsuyu (Froppy)

  • Uses her tongue for mobility and to help allies.
  • Lacks consistent damage but is decent at poking opponents.

All Might

  • Can carry a downed ally and jump higher.
  • Strong damage output but lacks the versatility of other characters.


  • Inflicts defense down with his special skill.
  • Has decay skills but lacks range.

C Tier:


  • Can grab and throw allies.
  • Decent defensive skills but nothing extraordinary in her kit.


  • Can compress an ally, helping them regain health.
  • More of a support character, good at helping the team escape or reposition but not very effective in direct combat.


In “My Hero Ultra Rumble,” unlocking characters is essential to experience the game to its fullest. This guide is based on the YouTube video from ‘Hy,’ where he breaks down how you can unlock characters using tickets and other in-game mechanics.

2. Free Tokens (Trials):

  • These are like free passes that allow you to play with any character, whether they’re unlocked or not.
  • Think of them as trial passes that give you a taste of what each character is like.

3. Character Tickets:

  • Some characters will have an “Unlock” label next to their names, such as “Eden”.
  • If you have a character ticket, you can use it to permanently unlock these characters.
  • How to get character tickets:

From the Tutorial: Completing the tutorial gives you one free character ticket. After finishing it, head to the ‘missions’ section to redeem your ticket.

From Rolls: In the game, there’s a feature called ‘roll.’ Sometimes, when you roll, you might get a character ticket.

4. Using Rolls to Unlock Characters:

  • Apart from tickets, rolling is another way to unlock characters, such as “Momo”.
  • You can use coins or ‘h tickets’ for rolls. For example, Hy had 82 h tickets in the video.
  • The outcome of the roll might grant you a character or other in-game items.

TLTR: How to Unlock Characters in MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE

  • Free Tokens: Trial passes to play with any character temporarily.
  • Character Tickets: Unlock certain characters permanently.
  • Rolls: Another method to unlock characters or get character tickets.


Not all characters can be unlocked using tickets; some need to be obtained through rolls.

For those characters you can unlock with tickets, look for the ones with the “Unlock” label or a square next to their names.

It’s crucial to participate in various in-game activities to accumulate tickets and coins for rolls.

That’s it for this MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE Tier List Wiki – Best Characterst.

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