Myth Gods of Asgard Brynhild Guide – Skills & Build

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Looking for Myth Gods of Asgard Brynhild Guide? you are at the right place. in this article, we will show you the Myth Gods of Asgard Brynhild Guide, Skills & Build. Brynhild the fearless Valkyrie, is known for her fierce bravery in Norse mythology.

So without wasting any time let’s get started with Myth Gods of Asgard Brynhild Guide – Skills & Build

Myth Gods of Asgard Brynhild Guide – Skills & Build

Brynhild, a Valkyrie and Odin’s daughter, is a highly mobile melee hero with impressive displacement moves and burst damage capabilities. She needs skilled handling to leverage her strengths while mitigating her lower survivability.

Character Specialties:

Her various attacks can grant attack buffs, increasing her damage output.

Powerful attacks offer damage reduction, improving her survivability.

Special Skill 3, “Phantom Attack,” summons Phantom Valkyries for additional damage. Be cautious of its 4.5s cooldown.

Battle Play:

Brynhild’s four-attack combo and mobility make her a formidable opponent. Utilize Normal Attack 2, “Fearless Charge,” to stack Thunderclap Runes for significant damage. Normal Attack 3, “Blow from Heaven,” pulls enemies within her attack range.

Brynhild’s Powerful Skill 2, “Heroic Throw,” allows a backward move and increases damage reduction, improving her defense. Her “Dash” skill can reset the cooldown of “Phantom Attack,” dealing massive damage and summoning more Phantom Valkyries.

Brynhild Divine Recommendations:

Consider the hero specialties and active skill cards’ effects when preparing skill cards. Enhance active skills’ effects with passive cards.

Use “Light Beams” effect cards like “Scary Nightmare” and “Radiant Light” to boost your power.

Brynhild Build:

Main Divine Power Card: Sif, Frigg, Heimdallr, and Valkyrie are suitable. Prioritize Sif and Valkyrie.

Normal Attack: Pair “Fearless Charge” with Sif or Valkyrie cards.

Powerful Attack: “Relentless Assault” pairs well with support effect cards, like Frigg for HP restoration, or Valkyrie to decrease opponent’s Attack.

Special Attack: Use Sif or Heimdallr cards with “Valiant Assault.”

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