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Welcome to our Myth Gods of Asgard Guide Wiki, In this we will show you some Myth Gods of Asgard Tips for newbies. In this article, we will tell you how to spend Diamond and Gear Upgrade in the Early Game.

So come and take. a look at this Myth Gods of Asgard Guide Wiki – Brynhild Tips & Tricks

Myth Gods of Asgard Guide Wiki

Below Tips shared by users on discord

Gear Upgrade: For the early game, it’s okay to upgrade your gear but do so judiciously. Keep in mind that while you can transfer upgrade value from one item to another, higher-level items require more enhancement value.

Therefore, save most of your legendaries with decent effects. This way, you can have low-level gear at +12 with the appropriate +12 bonus effect, as you won’t be able to afford to wear a full set of current-level gear at +12 until after level 300.

Diamond Savings: Always maintain a reserve of at least 1500 to 3000 diamonds. This is essential for when a random shop appears selling 10 keys for 1500 diamonds.

As these keys are useful for your character (Thor in your case), you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to purchase them due to lack of diamonds.

Diamond Spending: It’s advisable to spend diamonds on buying the 500 level 2 rune or eudemon egg each day and on guild donations.

You can invest in 10x summons. Be cautious about other deals, especially Artifacta, as they may not offer value for the cost, especially for fresh accounts.

Wish Selection: When you have the option to make a wish, choose wisely. Aim to pick wishes that give you 3+ resources.

Avoid wishes that give gold, gold bags, blue talent gems, or 100 springs of wisdom from 3 believer wishes. These generally offer less value.

Don’t sell your good equipment with decent effects. Low-level equipment that is +12 are better than higher-level equipment that is not +12

Use your diamonds in your choice of lineage in the hall of gods. You need lots of good cards for synergy
Already level 228 but I’m still using level 101 equipment


Normal Attack: Quick Strike

The lvl4 Quick Strike gives an extra 180% Divine Power, which amplifies any form of divine damage (Odin Damage, Frigg Damage, etc.).

Powerful Attack: Relentless Strike

This allows you to spam damage until you get that sweet ‘Lucky Hit’ damage. This is the best option out of all of Brynhild’s Powerful Attack options, as it gives you the most DPS.

Special Attack: Valiant Assault

Valiant Assault is really good because as you level it up, it gives you stats for increasing your damage. Lvl2 gives you a 60% increased crit dmg. Lvl3 increases the Special Attack’s damage. And Lvl4 applies armor break to the enemy which increases their damage taken by 40%.

You can visit our complete Myth Gods of Asgard Brynhild Guide 

Once you get more damage as you go throughout your journey in the game, you’ll appreciate more of these ‘percentages’ that you find in gears, divine, etc. As these will scale quite well with the damage that you will have. Hopefully, you get what I mean XD.

Additional info:

*AD= Attack Damage

To better understand this concept;

Let’s say if you have an attack damage of 1,000.

And you are to choose between two gears that have different attributes. One gives +1000 “flat” AD, while the other gives +10 “%” additional AD.

For the +1000 AD, the equitation goes:
1000 (your base AD) + 1000 (flat AD from gear) = “2,000 AD”

For the +100% AD, the equation goes:
10% of 1000 (your base AD) is = 100. Thus,
1000 (your base AD) + 100 (10% of your base AD) = “1,100 AD”

Yes, I know that the +”%” AD might not look that much but let’s change the values. Let’s say you’ve been grindin’ and got to a point where you have 100,000 base AD.

For the +1000 AD, you’d get a result of “101,000 AD”

On the other hand, for the +10% AD, the equation goes:
10% of 100,000 = 10,000. Thus,
100,000 (your base AD) + 10,000 (10% of your base AD) = “110,000 AD”!!

Now that’s a huge leap, given that it’s only an additional 10% AD! Talk about 9,000 AD difference! Hopefully this explanation helps out new players out there that might get confused on what the ‘percentages’ are on gears, divine, etc.

That’s it for this Myth Gods of Asgard Guide Wiki – Brynhild Tips & Tricks

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