Name something in a cave Longest Answer

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This article provides Type or Die Name something in a cave answers and cheats for all levels of the Roblox game produced by SL Studios x Type or Die. Type or Die is a popular game that asks you to type the longest answer to win. To build your tower and escape the rising water level, answer each question with the longest possible answer. If you give the wrong answer, the water level will rise, and you will die.

You have to collect blocks and survive against the rising water. This article includes all the answers to the Answer or Die game. Bookmark this page so that you can get help from this single page.

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Name something in a cave Longest Answer

Question: Name something in a cave

Answer: Bat

You can put the longest answer of Name something in a cave in the Type or Die. If you play Answer of Die Game, Text or Die Then You can also use the above answer, Most of the Questions in both games are the same.

What is Longest Answer of Name something in a cave

  • Bat

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