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Welcome to the Nba All World Wiki. In this section, we’ll give you some Nba All World beginner guides, tips and tricks to help you learn some of the new gameplay tweaks and find the best modes to play.

Nba All World is the brand new basketball game from Niantic, Inc. In this game, you can play with your favourite characters and challenge your favourite NBA players.

The game has many game modes like drill mini-games and 1v1, If you love basketball games and want to customize your character then this game is best for you because the game allows you to customize players with exclusive gear from popular basketball and lifestyle brands.

This Nba All World Wiki page has a collection of TIPS AND TRICKS that will help you to improve your gameplay, you can many tips and guides below.

Nba All World Wiki

Player Level Up XP requirements for All-Star & All-World players have been adjusted. I believe I know the new formula based on a few that I could determine, but feel free to correct any mistake by leaving a comment.

Nba All World Guide Wiki

These mostly reward cred but occasionally will be energy drinks, star tokens, AW cash, arena passes (including All-Access/East/West passes) or boosts, so they are worth clicking on to collect. You also automatically collect breadcrumbs when your character walks over them


The quickest way to reach level 20 is to rank up 6 Starters to Rank 4 (R4), plus another 1 Starter to Rank 3 (R3), 3 All-Stars to Rank 5 (R5) and 1 All-World player to Rank 6 (R6). This will cost 345 Tournament rings

Defense stats are the most valuable in this game, they have the greatest impact in 1v1 which is how to earn tournament rings to rank up players, ranking polayers with high defense stats will enable you to finish higher in tournaments and earn more rings

The best defenders in each tier are Drummond (Starter), Isaac (All-Star), Antetekounmpo (All-World). Other strong defenders at the All-Star tier include Draymond Green, Jerami Grant & Bam Adebayo

Check the “Player Max Stats” tab to check which players you wish to rank up based on their stats. Not all players and stats go up equally (see below)

Cousins starts as the highest stat Starter at Rank 1 (R1), but is overtaken by a number of players, Tatum starts much lower than all other All-World Players but overtakes 5 of them, Westbrook starts much higher than all other All-Stars but ends up only marginally better than the other top All-Stars

Nba All World Wiki

It is also still worth ranking up some players with good shooting stats for when you try to recruit the All-World tier players because they shoot fast and you will need a good shooter to try and keep up in First to 5, Beat the Clock and Around the World drills

Choose players from different teams, positions and divisions to rank up so you have coverage for tournaments that limit who is eligible based on these three criteria

If a player is released from an NBA team, he will stop appearing on the map to recruit, so pay attention to NBA rosters and if a player is released ensure you have him in your roster! (Players highlighted Red in the Player Stats tabs)

Players will always have the same stats when you recruit them, and always start at their base rank and level: Starters R1L1 (Rank 1, Level 1), All-Stars R2L1, All-World R3L1

Player XP & Leveling up

A player can only be ranked up once he is at Level 10 for that rank, you have enough cred as indicated, and you have met the requirements listed in the rank-up screen, the rank-up banner will turn green and allow you to click on it to rank up the player
When at Level 10 (L10), you can gain XP only up to the amount required to level up from L9 to L10 (displayed in the player upgrade section).

Player XP and Leveling up

This can be useful to quickly gain levels after you rank up that player to the next rank

Tournament rings are not required to rank up Starters from Rank 1 to Rank 2

The requirement to beat a certain player in drills in order to rank up a player is not specific to that player. That means you can beat the listed player in drills using any player and have it count towards that requirement. It is a total since you started playing

See the “Player Levels” tab for a detailed look at how much XP (and cred) is required for players to reach the next level

Shooting Drills

Find a player with high perimeter shooting stat to use for drills

When trying to recruit a player, use the player you are most comfortable playing with to ensure you make as many shots as possible.

3pt Contests are about accuracy, the remaining 3 drills are about speed. It is worth using a player with lower shooting skill in a 3pt contest when recruiting a new player so the shot meter moves slower for better accuracy if necessary

You can use AW Cash to replay a shooting drill, but this is really only worth it if you are trying to recruit that player, and not worth it for starters because they are common enough to find them again reasonably soon

If you are low on energy drinks, you may not need to finish the drill yourself (except first to 5), this way you can conserve energy if your opponent is not going to go past your score in the remaining time limit

See the “Encounters” tab for a breakdown of the Team Rep, Player XP and Cred rewarded for winning drills. There is also a random chance that other items such as boosts, XP wildcards, energy drinks, and AW Cash will be given as bonus rewards

Rule the court

The best bang for buck is to win 6 games on as many courts as possible
It is not worth winning more than 6 games on a court because the rewards do not improve for additional wins

Playing rule the court is important in the early stages of the game to earn as much cash to increase your bag space from the shop

You do not have to stay within range of the court to continue playing games at that court, no distance limit has been observed so far

Refer to the “Rule the Court” tab to view the rewards offered at each position of the court leaderboard come the end of the week

See the “1-on-1” tab for a breakdown of the Team Rep, Player XP and Cred won for each match based on your team level and the tier of opponent. There is also a random chance that other items such as boosts, XP wildcards, energy drinks, and

AW Cash will be given as bonus rewards

It has been observed that a minimum of 2 days on the court is required to receive the rewards listed unless otherwise stated

If you leave your player in the court, he will be automatically returned on Sunday morning and you will earn double the rewards for being there at the end of the week

Leaderboards are automatically filled by Bots at the start of each new week, and will be replaced by actual players when they enter the court, you can challenge any player on the leaderboard from any position to knock them off the leaderboard

You can only be knocked off the leaderboard by losing a match when trying to climb the leaderboard or by another player challenging you and defeating an AI controlled version of your player, after which you will need to revisit that court to re-enter the leaderboard that week

If a player challenges your player on a court and loses, you will receive the Cred that player risked as a reward

Make sure you have plenty of bag space before closing down on Saturday nights so that you can receive all of the rewards from Rule the Court on Sunday morning. Roughly 20 bag space per ruler is recommended

Warm up & Pick-up games

Use Warm up and Pick-up games at local courts to practice your steals and blocks on defense, and how to most effectively score on offense, using the players you will be using in tournaments

See the “1-on-1” tab for a abreakdown of the Team Rep, Player XP and Cred won for Warm up games based on your team level and the tier of opponent. There is also a random chance that other items such as boosts, XP wildcards, energy drinks, and AW Cash will be given as bonus rewards

Turn on Adventure Sync in settings so that when you open the app your warm up games will be loaded with the distance you have travelled while the app was closed

Team Levels

It does not pay to hold off leveling up early in the game, the amount of cred, XP and Team Rep increases for each drill/1v1 game you play each time you increase your team level, and the daily tournament rewards get better too

Make sure you have space in your inventory when you level up so that you can receive the rewards from leveling up

Your roster slots will automattically increase as your team level increases, for most levels there will be more available players than you have space but by level 19-20 you will have enough for everyone so you don’t “HAVE” to buy roster space if you are happy to release some players until then

Team Levels

Pay attention to the tasks requirements for a few team levels in advance to prepare yourself to level up quickly, Tournament rings will become the limiting resource eventually so focus on the players you wish to rank up and get them to level 10 in advance of having the rings required


Visit as many T-shirt and Sneaker Drop Zones as possible to rank up your gear to get better boosts for your players.
Gear can be equipped to as many players as you like after you collect it once, there is no limit once you have that item of gear

The best gear to use (once fully maxed) is as follows: Top – Flame Hoodie (either colour), Bottom – Flame or Frost Sweatpants, Shoes – AW Bounce (Gray Snakeskin or Blue & Gray). These give the greatest defensive boost to your player while maintaining good offense and fitness boost

Tops require 24 collects and Bottoms require 23 collects to max out (does not include event exclusive gear such as the Lunar New Year top)

Shoes require a different number of collects depending on the shoe, the better the boost, the more required to collect

Headwear, Eyewear, Socks and Basketballs are cosmetic only and do not provide any stat boost to your player. These can be used as a way to categorize players by equipping certain items to them, or purely for drip

AW Cash

The best use for cash is bag storage particularly early on, it is recommended to increase up to a minimum of 1000, recommended is 1500+ (this will cost 5600 AW Cash) to ensure you can always carry enough of what you need and have room for rule the court rewards


If your energy drops below 10, your player will be severely hampered in his attempts to shoot, move and defend, be sure to refuel before your energy gets this low

You can re-energize your player during a drill/1v1 game by clicking on your players icon in the top left and applying an energy drink, then continuing

Your player will not recover energy over time, the only way to re-energize your player is to use energy drinks


Fully boost your player when playing an Arena tournament to maximise your chances of preventing your opponent from scoring and increasing your chances of not being stopped by the opponent
It can be useful to use offense boosts when playing drills to recruit players, to increase your shooting stat

Arena Passes

It is not worth paying for the All-Access pass, Eastern Conference pass, or Western Conference pass, if you need a pass to enter a tournament, it is cheaper to just buy the pass for that arena for 100 cash.

It is not worth buying an arena pass for a tournament that does not offer tournament rings as a reward, (unless you specifically want the rewards on offer)

From experience, having a minimum of 2-3 of each arena pass is recommended to avoid running out, given that the special passes are limited in your inventory without buying additional slots for these

Player XP & Leveling up

Arena tournaments

As mentioned above, it is recommended to use boosts when playing a tournament
The weekly “Weekend One-and-Done” tournament usually offers the most tournament rings, so is worth giving your best to finish high in that tournament, however 1 loss and you are out so be careful!

You score more points for winning a game without conceding a basket to your opponent, which subsequently enables you to finish higher on the tournament leaderboard to earn better rewards when the tournament ends.

There are a few other attributes to the Leaderboard placements along with points scored per match. Like Ball Handling, reaction time, and the time taken to make shots or the opportunity for the opponent to Dunk or Drive freely. These can contribute players to reaching higher positions.

Tournaments can be entered at any time prior to it’s expiry time. You will need at least 5 minutes per game to play through so don’t leave it too late

Be sure to enter all tournaments you are eligible to enter that offer tournament rings as a reward, as these are the biggest time gate in the game and can only be collected by winning Arena Tournaments (other than from referral rewards)

The daily tournaments for Team Levels 1-4 & 5-9 do not offer rings for the third match win (with the exception of Double-Ring Sunday). For Team Levels 10-17 and 18+, a Ring is offered for the third match win on Monday-Saturday, but 1 for the second & 2 for the third on Double-Ring Sunday


Highly recommend using a Referral code within the first 7 days of creating your account, you will get rewards as you complete milestones and so will the person who’s code you entered

Refrain from collecting the All-Access, Eastern Conference and Western Conference passes from referral rewards if you already have one in your inventory, the base is you can only have 1 of each so claiming the reward will mena you miss out on having that pass added to your bag.

Only claim those passes from referral rewards if you have none or after you have to use it to enter a tournament as an instant way to replenish it in your inventory

Make sure you win 10 tournament matches if you enter a referral code so that the person who referred you can claim the 2 tournament rings from you completing that task. You will earn 2 tournament rings for entering 1 arena tournament

When you have a referral reward to claim, a green blinking light will appear where you access your team profile, then on the friend’s tab and referral tab

If a friend has completed a task, it will not show the green light and you have to manually check periodically to check if there is a reward available to claim


Make sure you have bag space when claiming milestone rewards so they don’t go to waste
You will see a green blinking light at the top left where you access your team profile, then above the Milestone tab when you have a reward to claim

Team Rep

Team Rep is like your experience points, it’s only purpose is for leveling up your team. Once you hit level 20, you are no longer shown how much you have earned

The easiest way to accumulate Team Rep early in the game is by playing Rule the Court, as you earn Team Rep for each match plus at the end of the week you earn more for your leaderboard position
1v1 matches reward more team rep per game than drills (~1.5x better)

This Nba All World guide is a work in progress and is shared by u/ce7in, Thanks for reading. For more guides visit our Witch Arcana Guides

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