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Neon Knights Trello & Wiki – Beginner Guide, Skills

This guide shares Roblox Neon Knights Trello and Discord server links. Most Roblox games have a Trello and These Roblox Game Trello helps players understand a game’s basics and cover every aspect of it.

Neon Knights is an RPG set in a desolate world ruled by robots. You play as a Knight, carving a path through walls to reach the core. Discover powerful, randomly generated weapons and explore detailed regions.

The game has rogue-lite elements and is currently in BETA, welcoming community feedback to shape its development.

In this Roblox Neon Knights Trello, You will find gameplay tips and Skills Information shared by Ace Of Space@9757 (killercade16). So come and take a look at this Neon Knights Trello & Wiki – Beginner Guide, Skills

Neon Knights Trello & Wiki – Beginner Guide, Skills

Gameplay Tips

There are many ways to play neonKnights, but here’s some tips to improve your runs and optimal ways you can go about all of neonKnights. Keep in mind you can play whatever way you like, but a lot of these are simple things to do / advice on how to perform better:

– You have a personal storage chest at the bottom of your inn room. It can store 10 items initially, but at some point after interacting with Take enough times he will expand it to hold 20, and then even 40.

– Try to interact with all the NPCs after each dive, as you can actually unlock additional features from them.

– Bring as many guns as you can back with you from Dives, that way you can sell the excess to the Mo-Co DEPO machine for Carbon.

– Practice using dashing effectively to escape from risky attacks and bad situations. Also know that dashing while sprinting will make you do a long-distance slide if you have 2 stamina charges, or even a little under. Both of these can be especially handy if you’re using a short range weapon.

– You can turn on a feature for Additional Gun Info in settings, which will show you stats such as Bullet Sustain and Critical Damage.
PS. Bullet sustain is the percentage of damage the shots fired will deal at the end of its range.

– In a lot of situations, single-shell reloading weapons–or sometimes called pump action weapons–are better than full-clip reloading weapons. They are at the very least never worse than full-clip reloading weapons. Both shotguns and snipers can have the single-shell reloading type. (There is no way to tell other than reloading them and seeing which it is by the way.)

– Finally, report any bugs you see to the #reports forum in the Discord! The game is in Alpha, and the best way to make it a better game is to help the devs hammer out bugs. Be sure to include console errors too.

Quirk Mechanics

Quirks are little modifications to how your gun or gear works that can be either found or modified onto them (expanded on in Forge Mechanics). This is one of the premiere gun-building features the game has, along with the forge itself.

Every quirk will have part of it that is slightly randomized whenever it’s first added to a gun. For example, Bombing can have between a 50 and 80% chance to trigger on an enemy’s death, whilst Overdriven can give between 15 and 30% more damage on a reload for a short time.

What quirks should I look for in my gun?

Long story short: It completely depends on your gun and what your goal with it is.

However, what I can do is give you recommendations of good quirks. I’ll be listing good quirks all around, some quirks that specialize in mobbing, and some quirks that specialize in bossing. Keep in mind that I am trying to be as general as I can, with no sway in what gun it might be on or what situation it might be in (beyond the specialization).

Note that I am excluding any non-forgeable quirks that specifically from equipment crates. Regular non-forgeable quirks are fine.

All-Around Good: Chrono, Double Shot, Frivolous, Echo,
Excellent at Mobbing: Fury, Catalyst, Purging, Chain,
Excellent at Bossing: Concussive, Direct,
This is all a decent wip ^

For more information you can read our Neon Knights Quirk Tier Tist guide


The game’s main way of non-equipment progression, skills are various passive buffs that require unlocking on your skill tree (Q, then click). Some skills can have multiple levels in them–with usually diminishing returns–while some only have one level to them.
Whenever you level up, you will get a different amount of skill points depending on the level. From 2-10, you get 3 skillpoints; 11-20, 2 skillpoints; and everything thereafter is only 1 skill point.

Some skills additionally have requirements of how many levels you must have in the skill that comes before it. For example, you need 5 levels in the Fresh Shot skill in order to level Breather.
Some are locked as well. Locked just means that they are not yet made by the developers, but something will be there eventually.

A picture of the skill tree is shown below for your convenience. I do not yet have a full list of what each skill does though, but it might come eventually.

What skills should I pick first?

There are of course always going to be some skills that are better than others in games, and the same is true in nK. Here are some of the top 5 (7) that I can think of that you should get first, some of which are lumped together due to how close they are and how similar in their goal they are in the skill tree. In whichever order is your decision.

Note that just since something isn’t on here doesn’t mean it’s not good; ultimately you can choose whichever skills you wish.

Fast Learner (Utility)

A straight up EXP boost can really help you a lot in the early game when you’re trying to get levels, and even later on since there’s always a grind for levels to be made it proves useful.

Pack Rat & Fully Kitted (Utility)

Being able to carry more items with you is enormous in making hauls back to the lobby. With more inventory space, you can bring back more guns to scrap for more carbon. Fully Kitted too is very good for letting you bring utility such as Wall Buddies or a grenade.

Resourceful & Kingslayer (Wealth)

Having a chance to get gear out of treasure chests you find in dives can be very useful whenever the only way you can get it normally is through Gear chests. Kingslayer also helps with earning Carbon too, among many other things in your run.

Breather (Physique)

Another stamina charge for even more dashing is incredibly useful for both survival and speed. You will be thanking yourself for having the extra charge plenty of times in a run.

Reboot (Wealth)

Any way to gain Flux is very nice whenever it’s the currency for making your guns better. The more Flux, the more power. It’s advisable to put more points into other wealth skills too if you’re taking Reboot.
Flux Obtainment

Flux is a currency that is unlocked after beating Yaramo Transits–the 2nd region–for the first time by interacting with a yellow glow in the chest room. It is used solely at the forge for upgrading your weapons. There are currently X different ways to gain Flux, listed in order of usefulness:

Forge Vouchers

Forge vouchers act at 3000 Flux at the forge, which is pretty good. They come at the price of 600 Carbon though, but whenever your higher leveled, there’s not much to spend Carbon on anyways.

The Junction

All enemies in the Junction–the 5th region–have chances to drop Flux, which you can then pick up.

The Shallows

The same is true for the Shallows, an alternate first region that can be unlocked by pressing a switch in the Vertigo Highrise–the 3rd region–chest room.

Reboot Skill

Reboot gives you X% of your current credits on region start as Flux (without using the credits). It’s good if you can rack up a lot of credits.

Fusing Quirk

The fusing quirk makes it so that enemies have a chance to drop Flux whenever you hit a weak point.

Kingslayer Skill

The Kingslayer skill can add a tiny bit of Flux to the chest at the end of each region.

Forge Mechanics

The forge is a building unlocked after you unlock Flux in Yaramo Transit, unlocking quirk shards alongside it and the ability for you to upgrade your weapons. Sometimes you can even get a critical success which causes red sparks, giving some sort of benefit. There are 4 different options that you can choose to modify your gun:

Change Look

This is where you can change the color of your guns with either the preset list of color combinations or through color shards you can find in your dives.

Forge Stats

Here you can upgrade your weapon level and upgrade your weapon’s other stats through a point system. Whenever you reduce one stat, you get to increase another. The more of these reduces and increases you do the highest it costs. And for levels, the price of levels on your gun increase exponentially with the gun’s level.
Critical Success: Cost is halved.

Forge Quirks

Here you forge quirks onto your weapons through quirk shards which are gained through dismantling and through quirk vending machines. You can spend 3 quirk shards of the same quirk to add the quirk onto your gun. The more quirks on the gun already, the more it will cost.
Critical Success: Quirk is guaranteed to be high-quality


This lets you destroy your gun in order to gain quirk shards from it. Each quirk has its own slider which you can adjust to determine the chances that you get a shard of that quirk. The more you tamper with the sliders, the more it will cost. You only get one quirk shard.

Critical Success: You get a 2nd copy of the same quirk shard.

Clothing Perks

All clothing has perks that it gives, and perks will either give you a new skill or add points to a skill you have. Whenever you go into the character editor, there is a tab near the top-right where you can choose perks for your clothing.

Each and every clothing, even the clothing you start with, has the Origin perk, which increases your damage. Clothes that are bought individually come with a random perk type, such as “Wealth”. If you roll a wealth perk type on a piece of clothing, then you get to choose any Wealth skill you have at least 1 point in to gain +1 in (unless it’s a 1/1 skill).

Whenever you buy a clothing set, you get to choose a perk preference, meaning that there is a 80% chance that for each clothing it will be the perk type of your preference. There is still a 20% chance it could be random though.

That’s it for this Neon Knights Trello & Wiki – Beginner Guide, Skills

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