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Welcome to One Military Camp Guide Wiki, Here we will tell you how to Play One Military Camp and Some basic details about the characters. It is a base-building game where you can build your own military camp and recruit the best candidates, After recruiting you can train them and send them on missions.

This guide is created by Aturax. So come and take a look at this One Military Camp Guide Wiki

One Military Camp Guide Wiki

Training units have benefits whether they are soldiers or hard-working camp staff, such as cookers, maintenance staff, medics, etc.

Let’s take a look at the character sheet, which will appear when we want to recruit someone.

One Military Camp Guide

Our camp has the ability to train our dear friend Charles Moore as a specialist soldier in Artillery or Comms Operator, but not as Infantry or Explosives Engineer yet.

This is because we must have built at least one building corresponding to the speciality and at the moment of recruiting Charles we only have an Artillery and a Comms Operator building.

If we review the candidate’s attributes we see that he has one point in Strength, Intelligence and Speed and two points in Accuracy.

Looking more carefully, Strength is marked with a red bar, Intelligence with yellow, Speed with blue and Accuracy with purple. Taking a look at the basic specializations we find a diamond with a color in each of the icons representing that class.

Artillery has a red diamond, Infantry a purple one, Comms Operator a yellow one and Explosives Engineer a blue one! Wow, that’s a coincidence… or maybe not?

Let’s look at an example: Sheryl Scott, one of our Comms Operators.

One Military Camp Guide

One of the reasons we recruited Sheryl as a Comms Operator is because her Intelligence value is 5, and she currently has a total value in her speciality of 2.5. If we continue to train Sheryl in her speciality, her value will logically grow, but if we train her Intelligence what will happen?

By raising the Intelligence to 5.5 the total value as a Comms Operator has risen to 3.6, how wonderful!

But what about the non-military personnel in the camp? Well, let’s take a look at our friend Hansel Poposky, the cook.

One Military Camp Guide

If you look at it, it has a Speed score of 4 and a Cook rating of 2.0. If we look at the Cook icon, it has a blue diamond, which corresponds to Speed. Let’s see what happens if we train Cook Poposky in Speed.

Well, by levelling half a point in Speed we have managed to raise almost 2 points in his Cook rating!

And then what about the classes that have more than one diamond? Well, I guess you can imagine what will happen to these…


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