Outerplane Team Comp Guide – Best team for PvP & PvE

Are you Looking for an Outerplane Team Comp Guide? If so, you’ve come to the correct place. In this article, We’ve gathered a list of Outerplane Team Building & Team Comps. In Outerplane, PvP battles require careful team composition and strategic decision-making to emerge victorious.

This guide will provide you with valuable insights into creating a powerful team using Tio, Cindy, Noa, Valentine and other heroes. These heroes synergize well together and can lead you to success in various PvP game modes. Follow this article to find out about the Outerplane Team Comp Guide. Also Read: Outerplane Codes List

1. Outerplane Team Comp Guide

  • Tio
  • Cindy
  • Noa
  • Valentine

Team Strategy:

The recommended strategy for this team composition revolves around the following steps:

Speed-tune Cindy to go first and provide the attack buff to your team, maximizing overall damage output from the beginning of the battle.

Use Valentine’s S2 to inflict chip damage and reduce the enemy team’s priority, gaining an advantage in turn order.

Utilize Tio’s priority push EE to further disrupt the enemy’s turn order, particularly against teams that heavily rely on specific heroes.

Capitalize on the synergy between Valentine and high DPS units like Noa, who can deal devastating damage with the AoE critical hit and critical damage buffs.

Include additional AoE units like Rin, Noa, or Maxwell to eliminate the remaining opponents and secure victory.

2. Outerplane Team Comp Guide

This guide will focus on a team composition consisting of Snow, Veronica, Tio, and Leo. Together, they form a formidable defence stall team that excels in mitigating damage, providing barriers, healing, and controlling the battlefield.

  • Snow
  • Veronica
  • Tio
  • Leo

Team Strategy:

The strategy for this defence stall team is as follows:

Build Snow for maximum speed, ensuring she acts first and freezes the enemy team with her AoE freeze ability. This provides a crucial advantage by immobilizing opponents and buying time for your team to set up defences.

Use Veronica’s AoE defence buff to strengthen your team’s defences and redirect enemy attacks towards her through taunting. This allows your team to endure enemy assaults and prolong the battle.

Tio’s cleansing ability should be utilized to remove harmful debuffs from your allies, ensuring they can perform optimally throughout the battle. Her healing abilities should also be utilized to maintain the team’s HP.

Leo’s AOE barrier and AOE total invincibility abilities should be strategically timed to provide additional protection during critical moments. Coordinate Leo’s skills with Veronica’s taunt to ensure maximum damage mitigation.

Maintain a defensive and stalling playstyle, utilizing the team’s barriers, healing, and crowd control to endure the enemy’s attacks. Stall the battle until your opponents succumb to the lightning damage or make critical mistakes.

Outerplane Team Building Guide

In Outerplane, building a well-rounded team is essential for success in PvE content. This guide focuses on a team composition consisting of Noa, Valentine, Tio, and Dolly.

This Outerplane PvE team is designed to provide sustained damage, turn manipulation, crowd control, and enemy disruption. Read on to learn how to optimize this team for various PvE challenges.

  1. Noa
  2. Valentine
  3. Tio
  4. Dolly

Team Strategy:

The strategy for this versatile PvE team is as follows:

Valentine should start the battle by using her turn manipulation skills, reducing the priority of key enemy heroes and disrupting their plans.

Noa’s main role is to deal sustained damage to enemies. Focus on utilizing her high DPS skills to target priority threats and eliminate them swiftly. Coordinate with Valentine to maximize critical hit and critical damage buffs, enhancing Noa’s damage output.

Tio’s priority push EE should be strategically used to disrupt the enemy’s turn order. Pushing key enemy heroes further down the turn order can create openings for your team to exploit and gain an upper hand.

Dolly’s crowd control abilities should be utilized to slow down enemies and disrupt their actions. Use her CC skills strategically to immobilize dangerous foes or control the battlefield by slowing down enemy advances.

Maintain a balanced approach between damage, turn manipulation, and crowd control. By synchronizing the abilities of Noa, Valentine, Tio, and Dolly, you can sustain damage output while keeping the enemy off-balance and under control.

That’s it for this Outerplane Team Comp Guide

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