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Welcome to the Paths to Immortality Wiki! This wiki provides useful information about Paths to Immortality, including Talent, Pills, and more. Whether you’re a new player looking for guidance or an experienced player seeking advanced strategies.

This wiki is here to help you on your journey to immortality. Also, Check out Paths to Immortality Affinities Tier List


Paths to Immortality is an incremental RPG where your goal is to reach immortality. Choose to join a sect or go solo, cultivate peacefully, or battle your way to the top. Harness your affinities to achieve your goals, whether it’s incinerating the world with fire or destroying all life with a plague. The choice is yours, and the paths are endless.

Please note that the game is currently in alpha, and game data may be reset for balancing purposes. If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions, you can message @Gamentix or join the official server using the provided link. Paths to Immortality is heavily inspired by the Theory of Magic and Your Chronicle, so be sure to check those out as well.

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Upon starting the game, you will be assigned a random talent. It’s important to note that your talent will reset when you reset your data. Talents range from 1 to 15, with higher numbers being rarer. Your talent affects your cultivation speed and increases your success chance at major stage breakthroughs.


  • Low Quality Qi Pill: Provides 5 minutes worth of Qi instantly.
  • Medium Quality Qi Pill: Provides 15 minutes worth of Qi instantly.
  • High Quality Qi Pill: Provides 30 minutes worth of Qi instantly.
  • Perfect Qi Pill: Provides 1 hour worth of Qi instantly.
  • Vitality Pill: Increases the Health Stat by 5%.
  • Tiger Pill: Increases the Strength Stat by 5%.
  • Mind Pill: Increases the Qi Stat by 5%.
  • Hawk Pill: Increases the Speed Stat by 5%.
  • Devil’s Blood: Increases all Stats by 5% but reduces your lifespan by 50 years.
  • True Life Pill: Adds 100 years to your lifespan.
  • Death Pill: Causes your age to reach your lifespan, effectively killing you.
  • Titan’s Blood: Increases the potential of a random Affinity.
  • Enlightenment Pill: Grants 5,000 XP in a random Law.
  • Heaven’s Body Pill: Allows you to reroll your physique, guaranteeing a non-ordinary physique.
  • Heaven’s Affinity Pill: Adds a random affinity to your character.

Secret Attributes

There are certain attributes in the game that you cannot see experience or level in. These attributes are increased by doing or not doing certain things.

  • Closed Door Cultivation: Every second you spend cultivating while not fighting or doing tasks, you gain experience in Closed Door Cultivation. Each level grants a +5% Qi Gain Bonus.
  • Combat Experience: Every second you spend in a fight, you gain experience in Combat Experience. Each level grants a +5% defense buff.

Cultivation Realms

There are currently 7 realms in the game, each with its own major stages:

  1. Qi Condensation
  2. Foundation Establishment
  3. Core Formation
  4. Nascent Soul
  5. Law Establishment
  6. World King
  7. Divine Transformation

After reaching the Peak stage in any realm, you will breakthrough to the next major stage. For example, reaching Foundation Establishment Peak will allow you to proceed to Core Formation Initial.

Divine Transformation has multiple stages, ranging from 1st to 10th, and each requires a main stage breakthrough.

Realm Reinforcement

Upon failing a breakthrough to the next realm, your current realm is reinforced.

‌Your reinforcements can be seen next to your realm name, e.g.

Core Formation Peak (2)

‌Each reinforcement increases your all stats by 2.5%. You keep these bonus stats after succeeding in a breakthrough.

After a successful breakthrough, your reinforcements are set to 0.


There are currently 3 ranks of Sects and 5 ranks of manuals in the game.


  • Basic Manual – Base qi gain speed
  • Rank 1 – +20% qi gain speed
  • Rank 2 – +50% qi gain speed
  • Rank 3 – +100% qi gain speed
  • Rank 4 – +150% qi gain speed
  • Rank 5 – +250% qi gain speed

Higher rank manuals also provide more stats when breaking through.


  • Rank 1 Sects – Have manuals from Rank 1 to Rank 3
  • Rank 2 Sects – Have manuals from Rank 2 to Rank 4
  • Rank 3 Sects – Have manuals from Rank 3 to Rank 5


Upon reaching the end of your lifespan. You have the option to fight Death. Win and continue living, or die and reincarnate.

‌Reincarnation gives Reincarnation Points (RP), and each minor stage and reinforcement gives an extra RP.

There are multiple upgrades you can buy using RP, and these upgrades remain upon every reincarnation and data reset.

Thank you for visiting the Paths to Immortality Wiki. May your cultivation journey be filled with enlightenment, strength, and everlasting glory.

Feel free to customize and modify the ending as per your preferences. I hope this provides a suitable conclusion to your Paths to Immortality Wiki page.

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